12 Tips for Your Design Business

1. Always Get Paid

Be sure to get a deposit before starting a project and never send the final files until the remaining balance has been paid.


2. Don’t Work For Chicken Scratch

Don’t low ball yourself. At first its tempting to take jobs for low prices, but sooner than later you will need to make sure you are charging enough to cover all your expenses.

3. Make Everything Clear

Establish a time line and any other project specifications and deadlines upfront.

4. Get it all in Writing

Save all your emails and get anything you can in writing; such as clients signing off on projects and project agreements.

5. Save Everything
Save all your receipts and print out anything you buy online for tax purposes.

6. Organization is Essential

Be as organized as possible. Keep a folder for every project and client and clean your office and computer at least once a week.

7. Backup, Backup, Backup!

Back up all of your files and then back them up again.

8. Behave in Professional Manner

Be honest, helpful and never leave a client unhappy. Referrals are a big part of business and happy clients will recommend you left and right.

9. Don’t Overwork Yourself

Stick to your normal office hours. If you work from home its easy to get caught up working and making phone calls late at night and clients will get used to this.

10. Never Stop Networking

Network with other designers, programmers and other skilled people. This will enable you to outsource work and get help when you need it.

11. Never Stop Marketing

No matter how busy you are at the current time you never know when a dry spell might come along. Always keep promoting your business site and never stop looking for new clients.

12. Knowledge is Power

Never stop Learning. You should always be building up your list of bookmarks, blogs, websites and other resources so you can be on the top of your game.

10 comments on “12 Tips for Your Design Business”

  1. Louis Coyle Reply

    Always get payed… no kidding, i have a client who owes $7500 taking him to court. These are great tips :)

  2. Gino Reply

    Ouch! Yeah I think most of have been stiffed one time or another. Good luck with that I hope you get your money!

  3. Amanda Vlahakis Reply

    Every designer gets stiffed in the beginning in particular I think. Well any I’ve ever spoken to have.

    You live and learn and it’s good when an established designer takes the time out to tell new designers how to avoid this.

    Sometimes you can tell people though, and they just don’t want to listen, it actually has to happen to them first before they will believe it ;)

  4. Gino Reply

    It’s true some people have to learn the hard way, but I hope you guys find these articles useful!

  5. philfreelanceweb Reply

    This is a good tip for small business which i run here in Philippines, an it’s also worthy reading this article, i hope you continue dealing and giving some tips who are engaging into this business.

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