4 Delightful Posters To Feed Your Walls

A perfect holiday gift, these delicious posters interpret popular art movements as mouth-watering sandwiches.

The Art of Sandwiches is a set of posters that illustrates four art movements – Abstract, Cubism, Minimalism, and Psychedelic – as our favourite appetizing club sandwiches. The kickstarter project is a collaborative effort of Australian graphic design duo Jeremy and Gabrielle who both combined their love of food with their love of art to craft this series of A2 posters. I personally admire the neat illustration in each artwork which makes it perfect for our home, art studio, classroom, cafe, office, or any wall that needs to be spiced up a little bit.

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Psychedelic poster without text, all four alternate posters are available

Psychedelic poster without text, all four alternate posters are available

The graphic artists also offer a digital alternative to the project’s backers – a set of four sleek, full high-definition wallpapers and smartphone wallpapers.


As designers, we are constantly drawing inspiration from the defining art movements that made modern art what it is today. After lengthy discussions over many weeks we decided to turn our ideas and concepts into something real.

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