65 Places to Find a Graphic Designer

Graphic Design is an essential aspect of any businesses, giving business a face and way to communicate with clients and a way for employees to communicate with each other, but finding the perfect graphic designer is often a challenge for many. Not only is this list perfect for anyone looking for graphic designers, but this list of resources is great for any designer looking for more work and exposure.

There are many outlets designers use to promote themselves nowadays, most of which are online such as design galleries. Not every graphic designer uses every single outlet so by knowing these places you will be able to find the perfect designer for your business!

Likewise, as graphic designers its important to promote your services in as many different places as possible so that you can increase the chances of getting new business. Below is a large list of places to find graphic designers and if you are a graphic designer you should considering creating a portfolio, profile or promoting your services using the following sites:

Places to Find a Graphic Designer

Design Galleries & Portfolio Sites

Resume Sites



Job Boards

Graphic Design Forums

27 comments on “65 Places to Find a Graphic Designer”

  1. Dainis Graveris Reply

    Excellent list , I think the best place for searching graphic designer is behance.net and I see You agree, because that site is the first at Your list. Really enjoyed design forum list – thanks!

  2. James Paden Reply

    I’m not sure how you did this, but you completely left out my directory, http://www.Xemion.com! Ranked #1 for web designer directory and #3 for web designers. The Xemion directory is focused primarily on website designers, but we do have categories for graphic designers. Otherwise though, great list! Very useful!

  3. Logo Design UK Reply

    Wow, this is great! Thanks very much for all the great websites / resources Gino. I have been looking at alternate ways of marketing online and this gives me lots of new paths to explore :)

  4. Brian Reply

    One area designers should look to is sites that can create partnerships with you. Longer term value in creating your own IP/creative pieces rather than working for a day rate. Not suggesting give up the day rate work but try to think about creating multiple lines of income,find sites that will work with you, if you have the creative ideas and content then they may have a channel to sell them for you

  5. Curvball Reply

    Sometimes all you need to do is go down to a local punk rock show to find a brilliant designer ;)

    Great list of online resources – need to get onto a few of them.

  6. michellediva Reply

    True, a lot of great talent resides on the sites mentioned above, however one thing that I know is important to buyers/clients is how fast and easy they can find what they are looking for. Especially when working on pressing deadlines.

  7. Alex Reply

    How is Fiverr a great marketplace for everyone? All it does is devalue the profession of graphic design. People think they can get a good logo for $5. But both the designer and client end up disappointed . Recently I had to redo a logo that someone thought they could get done on Fiverr. It looked nice, but it was wrong in so many ways. No time was taken to consider future applications and the target audience. It also looked like it was made in the 90’s. After that they hired another cheap designer and their logo sucked as well. Eventually they came to me. I charged them $1400 for a proper logo and they couldn’t be happier.

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