7 Perfect WordPress Portfolio Themes

If you don’t have a portfolio site yet or are looking to create an easy to update, fast loading and slick looking portfolio than you should be using WordPress. Traditionally WordPress is a blogging content management system, but recently it has been used to be the back end for many cool types of sites such as portfolio sites for photographers and designers.

WordPress is easy to install on most web hosting accounts and you can have a site up and running in minutes. After the install all you need to do is purchase or find a free theme and upload it. You can then install any additional plugins you want and make tweaks to the design and upload your own work. I highly recommend adding your own personal touch to these designs since you are most likely a graphic designer if you are reading this post and it would be some what odd if you did not design the site even if you don’t really do web design. You can easily have a coder help you implement the new design or have them or make changes you are not familiar with.

Below are some of the coolest theme designed for WordPress with designers in mind.

WordPress Portfolio Themes

1. Briefcase Portfolio WordPress Theme


2. Sharpfolio²


3. Portfolio WordPress Theme


4. ProudFolio


5. Cassiopeia


6. Foreword Thinking


7. Geometric


26 comments on “7 Perfect WordPress Portfolio Themes”

  1. Arvin Reply

    I first started with the “Gallery” wordpress theme offered by Smashing Magazine, but found it way too complicated to modify to my very specific needs… as a graphic designer as well as motion graphics designer/animator, I needed a backend that allowed me to post quicktimes as well as images, and be able to present a decent amount of information and be quite extensible.

    I ended up using a theme called “Pixeled,” and love how I’m able to understand its layout to change according to my needs: http://www.greasypigstudios.com

  2. Lucy Reply

    i especially like the first and fifth designs, the colours on 5 are lovely and it has a very clean and simple feel to it. the first one has a great layout and is doing the grey/yellow theme brilliantly too (something i’m currently adoring)!

  3. Jon Rawlins Reply

    Nice looking list there, will be looking to get a WordPress system in place on my website quite soon so may be looking for a theme or atleast some inspiration.

    Thanks for a great article.

  4. Sean Reply

    These are great sites, and have you been able to find any good Drupal ones? ps. can you add twitter to your social buttons at the bottom of your site? Makes it easier for me to share your content.

  5. Alec Schmidt / Anepic Designs Reply

    I really dig these. All really brilliant designs, even in simplicity.
    I am a graphic and logo designer but I really would love to get into web design.
    I have read a tiny bit about WordPress and taken a few html classes. But I hardly know enough to start designing. Where can I find resources or tools to help me learn? I’ll be taking come more Web Design classes soon but I’d really like to be ahead of the game as I usually teach myself things.

  6. Gizelle Reply

    Forward Thinking template design is perfect for the website that I am planning to start working on. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Kaplang Reply

    really nice collection, I installed a gallery pluggin a couple of days ago to form a decent portfolio but its not that great, I am going to take a real closer look at these, so really thanks for posting this :)

  8. Birmingham Reply

    Cassiopeia is my favourite, I like the colours and layout more than the other designs. They are all great themes though, thank you for sharing them with us.

  9. paul Reply

    yes they are nice, im looking to do my first install very soon! are these themes free? or do u have to pay for them?

  10. Matt - New-Logo.co.uk Reply

    I have just had a look at Sharpfolio2 and its really nice the way you do not have to leave the page to view the work. The way that the image enlarges itself works so well and is nice and quick. Thank you very much for sharing this am sure that I can find good use for this theme.

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