Designing Logos With Color Psychology

5 comments on “Designing Logos With Color Psychology”

  1. Bianca Board Reply

    Colour is SO important when designing logos. We should know… we spend ages trying to convince clients to pick a colour that matches their brand’s values. Sadly they don’t always want to listen :(

  2. Reply

    Best article about Logo color psychology. It is most important to have attractive and conceptual logo for business to catch viewers attention. Thanks for sharing such a best information.

  3. Guest Reply

    It is an inspiring blog post. The issue handles very nicely. I really appreciate the communication skill of yours.

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  4. Kristina Hughes Reply

    Great informational resource indeed.. This push my knowledge to next step for choosing the right color for my upcoming graphic design projects..Choosing the right color for the right category is big success in industry.. There i found one more post loved to share with you all here, The topic is Know the Colors Before you Create a Logo .

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