Free Vector Art Lightsabers by DCMJS

Lightsabers encapsulate everything that makes Star Wars saga interesting. They blend the mysticism of the Force, implausible but undeniably cool technology, and raw physicality.

While most casual fans vaguely know that some Star Wars characters have unique lightsabers, not all of us realize that no two of them are the same, most light sabers created by their wielders according to their skills, tastes, and circumstances, the rest being stolen or inherited.

This means that over the past four decades of Star Wars, hundreds if not thousands of unique canon and non-canon designs have been created, and nearly every die-hard fan has their favorite.

Washington DC-based graphic designer DCMJS, who goes under the Reddit username /u/nykana recently created and put up this rather timely selection of familiar (and not-so-familiar) light sabers in free vector svg form.

If you like the ones you see below, download them on the creator’s site.

Obi wan

Kylo Ren





If you like the the vector art above, support the artist by buying one of these nifty posters from their Etsy or a shirt from their Redbubble store.


Love it? Hate it? Tell us why you’re sick of Star Wars in the comments below!


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