Google Doodles For Rio 2016 Olympics By Leo Natsume

Rio 2016 may be happening less than a year from now and aside from the games itself, there is also one thing people of the internet are excited for—the Rio 2016 Google Doodles.


Or is it just me?

In anticipation of Rio 2016, graphic designer Leo Natsume created doodles for his client Google and posted some of them on his Behance account.

For this particular project, he was tasked by Google to create a doodle concept for mobile games in Brazil.


In his post, Leo presented his concepts for three Olympic sports: weightlifting, tennis and fencing. He accompanied his sketches with an explanation of his concept. For weightlifting, he used the letters O and G to represent the weights, with the yellow O serving as a halo.



For tennis, he used the lowercase G’s bowl as a racket and the player’s arm as the letter L, showing the tennis serve.



And finally, for fencing, he featured two players exchanging blows, using the yellow O again as a sort of halo where the two épées meet.



Check out his full project here.

Leo Natsume is a graphic designer and illustrator based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Did Leo capture the essence of the Olympics? Comment below!

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