Google Local Business Center for Designers

In a recent post we talked about how you can Optimize Your Site to attract local search engine traffic from Google. One of our readers mentioned Google Local Business Center as another option, so I thought I would expand on this useful comment.


Google local business center allows you to register your business for free and add lots of information so that people can find your business via Google search and Google Maps. This is extremely useful, because search engines are including these local listings in more and more search results. For example if I type in “Business Cards” I actually see local listings of businesses in North Carolina.

Maximize Your Design Business Listing

While its easy and free to create your listing, most people breeze through it and do not take advantage of the many listing enhancements available. For example you can post a video, an image of your business, get reviews of your business and even offer coupons, all from Google Local Business Center! Adding all this extra content to your listing will make it stand out more, which can give you a large advantage over the other local businesses.

So if you are a freelance designer or studio owner, you should create your free listing today and spend a few extra minutes adding everything you possibly can to your listing and you will have taken a great step forward towards getting more business!

7 comments on “Google Local Business Center for Designers”

  1. Callum Chapman Reply

    I’m on the google business listings, yet to get a job from it but i do come up on the first page when you search for graphic designers in my home town!

  2. Aetoric Design Reply

    I love this, actually. I’ve been trying to get all of my clients to give me reviews. So far I have two 5-star reviews (gotta start somewhere, right?). But even with so few, I feel as though my brand has gotten a lot more search engine traffic because of it.

  3. Gino Reply

    Yeah the amount of traffic you get will vary but it sure does help to use this because if you don’t other people will and depending on the size of your busines one new job could mean a lot of money and work.

  4. paul Reply

    yes we add the local business center to all of our clients sites. it is very good and google has become so huge that i would say little things like this all adds to be the main source of driving the internet. you got to give it them, well done!

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