Mozilla Creative Design Contest

In celebration of Mozilla’s Firefox web browser turning 5 years old, the Mozilla Creative Collective are hosting a poster design competition. The contest description states “The winning design will be featured on Mozilla websites and merchandise, and the winning artist will be highlighted on the Creative Collective homepage and the Mozilla Blog.” This is an amazing contest to showcase your talent!


Five Years of Firefox Poster Design Contest

To learn more about this competition, check out the contest page where you can also submit a design when you are ready to enter. The contest ends December 9, 2009, so don’t procrastinate. Get working on that contest design today!

11 comments on “Mozilla Creative Design Contest”

  1. Joey Reply

    It’s one of theose comps that you’re tempted to enter, but know in all reality that there’s going to be so many amazing designs (as well as a hell of a lot of rubbish ones) submitted that it is a little pointless in one sense.. be good to see the final few though.

    P.S. I’ll start procrastinating tomorrow, can’t be bothered to start right now.

  2. D. MacKenzie Reply

    Firefox, at the moment should be focusing on it’s crash issues instead of having a contest to design a new logo. I’ve gotten no support, can’t find what I’m looking for in their KB and am ready to look elsewhere for a browser I can rely on. It has been doing this since the third or fourth last update ….used to be my browser of choice.

  3. Alan Reply

    I know it’s a lot of competition, but I’ve been having severe creative block lately. Perhaps this contest will force me to design something after 2 weeks of nada. Hopefully I can motivate myself to submit to this competition. But… 7 days left ahhh!

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