Sources of Inspiration for Creatives

Creatives always look for inspiration to kickstart their personal or commissioned projects.

Digital media such as social networks, websites, and films are currently the top sources of inspiration. On the other hand, traditional media such as magazine and print ads, architecture, and fashion steadily remain as sources of creative juices.

The following are what the creative community views as the top sources of ideas:

Social Media

image source

image source

More creatives see digital sources, such as social media, as a better source of creative sparks compared to traditional sources. This is because of how mobile technology allows for creatives to capture inspiration on-the-go through their devices.


This source can be exceptional website with interactive design or websites that offer creatives inspiration pieces and resources the world wide web can offer.


Aspects of motion pictures such as Cinematography, Costume Design, Production Design, and Visual Effects offer inspiration on a whole new level for creatives. Thankfully, we’re afforded the opportunity to witness films that have fabulous distinctive visual styles such as the works of Wes Anderson.

Creative Communities Online

Generally, creatives participate in online communities to derive inspiration from work of peers and facilitate a space for collaboration and sharing between themselves.

TV Ads

Also called as “the art of 30 seconds”, television ads offer creatives instant inspiration as fast food chains serve food in a jiffy. Advertisers are getting more creative in presenting their products and the results are artistic ad inspiration for us creatives.

Other Countries’ Culture

As creatives seek inspiration from all sorts of sources, we are often witness to projects that are obviously based on a particular culture through the themes, motifs and visual imagery used.

Fashion & Street Style

Creatives are always on the lookout – observing people in the streets. Observing with a critical eye, little things such as the colors or patterns a stranger in the street is wearing can spark creativity.



More than being the art of designing and constructing physical structures, architecture has evolved to the point where it has given us outlandish-looking buildings. These modern and contemporary architectural works serve as an influential source of creativity.

Magazine & Print Ads

A more traditional item in this list, prints ads are a classic source of inspiration for creatives. Magazines provide creatives with pages of diverse print designs, and sometimes cover designs that you wanna lick!

As a creative, which source of inspiration is most influential to your work? Share us your thoughts and opinions via the comments box below!

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  1. believein1 Reply

    It’s a thin line between inspiration and source material… I always have to remind myself to be inspired but not limited to what I see and appreciate..

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