Silly Sundays: Terrifying Design Mistakes

Or a designer’s easiest way to get fired.

Last Monday, BuzzFeed staff Dave Stopera posted “The 31 Worst Things That Have Ever Happened To Design“. It features images of hilarious design mistakes on various products, print ads and some graphics.

These designs commit errors that only design geeks would understand but some are just plain human failures.

For example, this advertisement below may have chosen the wrong typeface because the “A” in the word “Aape” also looks like an “R” that at first glance, we read it as “Rape”.


Meanwhile, this illustration of a bird clearly has a beak and a mouth with pearl white teeth. Basically, the beak both serves as a bird’s nose and mouth.


Scroll down for a little laugh and view the rest of these funny images here.



Fill in the missing the letters and you’ll get “EURROPE” instead OF “EUROPE”.



A hospital logo that gives the impression that it specializes in hanging families.



The importance of a period. We think it’s supposed to be “Packed with taste. Less sugar.” not “Packed with taste less sugar”.


Misuse of design contrast #1. “NOT ALL THOSE WHOW AND EARER LOST”?


Misuse of design contrast #2. “LIVE YOUR I WASN’T ONE”?



Reflection effect gone wrong. “Shit yourself”?



Being to clever with a cola “CAN”. “Never say I COLA’t”?



A pun failure. “POO LIFE”.



Nice font! But wait, when did Mexico became that big in the map?



An image of an arrow pointing upward would’ve made this better.



A movie poster placement gone wrong. Pity on Matt Damon.

[All images via BuzzFeed]

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