The One Page Graphic Design Portfolio Guide

I have been doing extensive research on portfolio sites lately and what I’ve noticed and I’m sure a lot of you have noticed is the growing popularity of one page portfolio websites.

I know some of you might be “anti trends”, but I think this portfolio website format is great for several reasons and I will give you tips on how to create your own one page graphic design portfolio and how you can market it for free.

I even use this one page portfolio format for my own graphic design portfolio, because I believe it works well!

Benefits of a One Page Graphic Design Portfolio


  • Easy to code since it is usually minimalistic in appearance
  • Simplicity of the graphic design portfolio allows your designs to shine
  • Very easy and quick for potential employers to navigate

Tips for Creating a One Page Graphic Design Portfolio


1. Register your own domain and get a paid hosting plan, don’t try and use any free services

2. Keep the layout of the site simple, but don’t be afraid to let some of your personal design style out

3. Find the right balance between low file size and quality for your images

4. Make your contact information easy to find at the top of the site

5. Write a brief 2-3 sentence bio about yourself to personalize the site

6. Link to a downloadable PDF version of your resume that is under 2mb in size

7. Don’t add an excessive number of items to your graphic design portfolios, twelve or so pieces should be fine, but you could go a little higher or lower

8. Add a case study (brief description) under each project

9. Validate your websites CSS and XHTML

10. Do not put any Google ads or other advertisements on your portfolio site

Tips for Promoting Your One Page Graphic Design Portfolio


1. Submit your portfolio to design inspiration sites. This can result in tons of traffic if you design is top notch and gets rated well by people on the site. So make sure your website is in perfect shape before submitting.

2. If you participate in graphic design forums, showcase your site in threads dedicated to showing portfolio work and you can also add a link to your portfolio in your signature. If you are an active member people will be more likely to visit the links in your signature

3. Tell all your friends about your site. Word of mouth is an underestimated method of website promotion

4. Read this book on search engine optimization. It is a priceless investment and will help you get tons of natural and free traffic to your website by tweaking minor things on your site

5. Exchange links with other designer’s sites

6. Create and attach a blog to your website so you can post articles related to design on your site. This will help bring in traffic and will help establish you as a knowledgeable professional in your field.

Submit your portfolio to

7. Submit your website to quality business directories

8. Submit your website to logo design inspiration sites mentioned in our article Design a Logo – The Ultimate Guide

Graphic Design Portfolio Resources


WordPress – Can work as a great CMS (Content Management System) for your graphic design portfolio.

One Page Folios – Nice collection of over 800 one page folios that you can browse through for inspiration.

Most Inspired – A collection of all the popular CSS and design gallery website that you can submit your portfolio site too.

SEO Book – The best search engine optimization book on the market. It will teach you everything you need to know about getting natural free search engine traffic to your website.

Some Great One Page Graphic Design Portfolios





I hope you found this post helpful and informative and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to post them as comments!

46 comments on “The One Page Graphic Design Portfolio Guide”

  1. luis landero Reply

    while not as cool as a wordpress webpage or the like, i was able to put up my own portfolio through

    so far its kept me afloat, since it is updated with stuff i do and i get feedback too.

    thanks a lot for this info

  2. ela Reply

    Very useful post. However, none of three sites mentioned above is XHTML valid!

  3. KDaniel Reply

    Thanks for the info. Your content is interesting and informative. Keep up the good work Gino!!

  4. Vicks Reply

    Nice article, I was just staring at my blank page thinking about the best way to highlight my work and the answer was right there….keep it simple – let my work shine!! ta mate

  5. Tim Kennedy Reply

    This is a great post. However, I can’t seem to find anywhere to actually get a start on creating my own one page. Any help?

  6. Erik Reply is a nice site of collections of folios, but I do wish that there are site that come with thumbnails for each sites to make search easiser. Does anyone know? I do not mean some CSSbeauty type of website where they show off their design. I am looking for collection of freelancing FOLIOS with thumbnails.


  7. Kirk Reply

    I think the information you have provided is very helpful. I viewed the sample you linked to your portfolio, and additionally liked the overall design. This not only inspires me, but motivates me to get back into graphic design.

  8. Holly Wise Reply

    This article was really helpful. I was considering a one page portfolio but wasn’t completely sure yet until I read this article and in no time at all I built myself one.. Thanks, Gino!

  9. CNASH Reply

    This is great. As a designer myself, I can barely make time to redesign my website. I like the idea of a one page portfolio. Thanks for the info.

  10. yelena zuko Reply

    thanks Gino, it helped a lot for me. great guide, i visit your site quite often :)

  11. C. Stevenson Reply

    I agree with what you’ve written. I’ve used a few other tricks as a freelancer, someone might find helpful.

    1. While submitting your site to design forums, don’t overlook participating in and submitting your link where your clients will be. I work in publishing design and network with a lot of small publishers, which has become a large part of my business.

    2. Limit expectations. If the average Jane off the street is likely to want to hire you, then don’t assume she’ll be able to download, much less open, even the most basic PDF. By the time you finish explaining browser-based PDFs, Acrobat Reader, allowing downloads, file size, etc., you’ll be reaching for the Vodka bottle. So, if you’re going to do that, also offer alternatives: click-through, basic HTML pages online and even, heaven help us, a .doc file or PowerPoint presentation, if possible.

  12. Steve T Reply

    Great list! I disagree with #10 a bit though, my Google ads pay for my hosting and then some each year. But really that’s only because my portfolio website is full blown portfolio website and I get some search engine traffic. But yeah, for most portfolio/resume website ads are not appropriate.

  13. muhammad waseem Reply

    Thanks for the info. Your content is interesting and informative. Keep up the good work Gino!!

  14. Douglas Bonneville Reply

    I have a one page web design. Of course I’m biased now that I have one, but I think it puts the client first. Clients want to see what you offer as soon as they get to the site. With a little gallery javascript goodness to make a nice no-page-refresh experience, it seems hard to beat the format. It’s basically a business card on steroids. My wife and I worked on the same design together, mine at and hers at

  15. Jan Kasal Reply

    This post is ageless, as I can see. Almost 2 years later, it gives newcomers like me relevant info. Thanks.

  16. Ne Metzger Reply

    I just finished designing my online portfolio. Mine is a one page, but only because I wanted to do something different with it. It scrolls horizontal instead of vertical.

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  19. splif Reply

    get rid of thfucking annoying & desperate panel of social network sites over your site commentary.

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