Top 5 T-Shirt Contest Sites

T-Shirt contest sites are a great way to put your graphic design and illustration techniques to use in order to win cash prizes. It also can award you free T-shirts. I have researched and located the top five best T-shirt contests sites around.

Usually T-shirt contests sites have you submit a design using their template, at which point viewers of the website can vote to choose which designs they like best. If your design is chosen you typically win a cash prize. Some of the sites offer very generous awards.

Once you get the hang of what people like, and you find a good way to promote your design, you can make some serious bucks off these sites! Just be ready for some stiff competition because some of the best illustrators around submit to these T-shirt contest sites! Good Luck!

Top 5 T-shirt Contest Sites






5 comments on “Top 5 T-Shirt Contest Sites”

  1. T-Shirt Contests Reply

    Hi, those are indeed some of the best t-shirt contest sites out there currently. We also have a t-shirt contest blog that highlights individual contests that may or may not be at one of those sites. :)


  2. SUsie Reply

    I knew about some of the T-shirt sites, but now know of others. Thank you!

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