9 “Better” User-submitted Google Logo Redesigns From The Guardian

Can you design a better logo?



That’s what the website of British newspaper The Guardian asked their readers on the recent redesign of the Google logo from a serif typeface to a small resolution-friendly sans serif.

The Google logo’s typeface change received mixed reviews from internet users. The New Yorker even went to say that the company “has symbolically diluted our trust, which it originally had for all the right reasons.

The Guardian on the other hand laments the loss of the little serif “g”. In response, they asked their users to submit their own Google logo redesign as part of their Guardian Witness, a dedicated site for user-generated content.

And their readers did not fail to deliver.

Some of the logos plays on the technological ubiquity of the internet giant while some fall into the /r/crappydesign subreddit. Suffice to say, these logos are all interesting. 

Check out some of the interesting logo redesigns of our generation’s Big Brother below:

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Visit the full gallery and the users’ explanations on their logos here.

Do you have your own Google logo idea? Comment below!

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