You! Be Reminded! – October 28, 2012 to November 3, 2012

How was your Halloween celebration guys? We know that you were busy with helping your kids out with their trick-or-treating and you probably missed some of the things we shared with you last week. So here we are again to give you a quick recap of last week’s design news, inspirations, features and freebies.

If you already have your browser and your downloads folder ready, just click on the images below to go the individual pages of last week’s posts.







Infographic: The Color Black


Badass Instruments made from Destroyed Drug War Weapons


Wallpaper Freebie: La Calavera Catrina





So there you have it guys. We hope you were able to get all that. Do you have other suggestions, recommendations or requests from the You the Designer team? Tell us by leaving a comment below, or leave a message on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. You can also subscribe to our blog for the latest and freshest stories in the world of design. Stay awesome everyone!

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