11 Stunning Levitation Photography That You Should See

Ever wondered about flying or levitating since you are a kid? I dreamed of this when I was a kid too. I wished I could fly and not use my feet for walking. Lol! The idea of levitation is really interesting; it makes you wish people could actually do it. Well, all that seemed impossible until now! Through the magic of photography—and a touch of photo editing—people could now be suspended in mid-air devoid of gravity.

I’m a fan of the concept of levitation photography. That’s why I’m sharing interesting levitation photos — all of which promise to deliver one hell of a visual punch. These had all been done by talented photographers using varying techniques. See which photographs and techniques would best complement your style.



James Miille

Julia Borowik

Julia Borowik

levitation photography


Miguel Abarca Levitation Photography

Miguel Abarca

Mina Sarenac Levitation Photography

Mina Sarenac

Natsumi Hayashi Levitation Photography

Natsumi Hayashi

Nina Pang Levitation Photography

Nina Pang

Samuel Osh Levitation photography

Samuel Osh


Denis Darzacq


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2 comments on “11 Stunning Levitation Photography That You Should See”

  1. Kat Reply

    I know very little about photography, are these people actually jumping up or are these effects created using silhouette of people standing, and using layers to float them in another image?

    • thejudeman Reply

      Hi Kat! Some of them are jumping up like some Natsumi Hayashi’s images while the more complicated ones are done with the aid of Photoshop. The Photoshopped images needs two to three photos, one photo for the whole background and the other is with the person lying down on a stool or a chair, the chair will then be masked out to create the illusion of the person floating.

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