10 Box Shadow Effects

Shadows play an important role in giving an image depth and dimension. A two-dimensional design can easily get a three dimensional look when an artist plays with shadows and lighting. And although the importance of shadows can be easily overlooked, its function in bringing out the beauty of the design cannot be easily undermined.

Having said this, I’ve created 10 box shadow effects that are really useful in giving more character to your designs, specifically if you’re designing a website, creating a slideshow, a presentation or if you’re just feeling creative and would want to experiment to kill the time.


10 Box Shadow Effects by You The Designer

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Download “10 Box Shadow Effects”

Box_Shadow_Effect_By_YouTheDesigner.zip – Downloaded 0 times – 4 MB

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12 comments on “10 Box Shadow Effects”

  1. L Reply

    Sorry if this is a duh question, but I’m an email subscriber and I can’t find the “actual page post” for downloading… does that mean I have to pay with a tweet?

  2. Cathy Connor Reply

    These are not necessarily “PSD” files per se, rather PNG files. I thought maybe these would be used as an “effect” in Photoshop?….

  3. WAckerman Reply

    So I paid with a tweet and I got a download but it was a 172 page PDF of something called OhMyGodWhatHappened. So I’m like, no really what happened… I wanted the shadow pages…

  4. JimD Reply

    LOL! Twitter is rejecting the Tweet as spam. There was a reason I removed the bookmark for this site a long time ago. Stupid crap like this is the reason.

    If you’re going to give something away for free, just give it away (with a simple link). If it’s worth it, I’ll Tweet about it on my own. Forcing me to use these stupid “pay with a Tweet” schemes, only to result in a broken site/link only serves to make you look bad.

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