25 Wood Photoshop Brushes Volume 1

Today we release our last set of brushes of the volume 1 collection of PS brushes. Next Monday we will release a post that links to all the brushes in volume 1. Then the following Monday we will starting releasing volume 2 which is comprised of the same brush styles, but different individual brushes for each style. For now enjoy these cool new wood Photoshop brushes, which make perfect background textures.

Wood Photoshop Brushes

Get the Latest Wood Photoshop Brushes for Photoshop First!

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Download 25 Wood PS Brushes Vol. 1

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5 comments on “25 Wood Photoshop Brushes Volume 1”

  1. Rory Martin Reply

    Thanks these are great another useful photoshop pack, really handy as I’m currently designing a wood flooring website today. I find a wooden background adds great texture to website and print projects.

    Can I use these brushes for my own work? I don’t wanna get sued for plagiarism…

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