10 Great Examples of Presenting a Project

The presentation of you projects on your portfolio site can make a world of difference when it comes to convincing a potential client to become a new client. So I wanted to show some examples of design projects that have been presented very well, either by printing and photographing the work or by creating a beautiful virtual presentation. Not only do many of these designers showcase their work in a beautiful manner, but they go the extra mile and provide viewers with multiple views and instances of the work, which really brings the projects to life.

Examples of Presenting Projects

Be sure to click the photos to view each individual project in its entirety.











3 comments on “10 Great Examples of Presenting a Project”

  1. kristinskye Reply

    You can really see their work and the details they put into by looking at the other photos, the views of all the work is really astounding. The futuristic phone and all the thing it would be able to do and the way they show it in the pictures is really creative. It looks like a really fun phone to have! Then that door in the beginning, I never would have thought that would be on a door but then you click it and see that this amazing design is on a door. I love it!

  2. Rory Martin Reply

    There are some really sexy designs here. Love the transparent apple selection design, nice thought process. “They Create” is a fantastic bit of animation too. Overall the level of finishing displayed is very impressive. I have done a few projects like the ones showcased here, but these have truly raised the bar. Back to the drawing board for me!

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