12 Design Inspirations for Labor Day Posters

The United States of America is dedicated to its blue collar heroes — that’s why we celebrate May Day in September.

Labor Day posters tend to be uninspired. If you’re advertising an upcoming holiday event, whether it’s a rally for immigration reform and universal health care, or just a company or community picnic, you want a design for your Labor Day poster that evokes the aesthetic Zeitgeist of International Labor’s struggle against Global Capital.

Warning: lots of raised fists and the color red ahead:

12 Poster and Flyer Design Inspirations for Labor Day













Whether it’s a holiday event poster, or propaganda to call the Proletariat to rise against the Bourgeoisie, UPrinting will give you the best deal on professionally printed posters. Just be kind to us when The Revolution comes.

12 comments on “12 Design Inspirations for Labor Day Posters”

  1. Anna Green, Web Design Reply

    This is my first time visiting this site, id just like to say i found it inviting, and you have some really nice design examples on here. These posters are a very nice collection, they all have that world war feeling going on which i always like, the majority have manged to use it in a modern way which is nice especially the stop dismissile poster, i like the subtle use of photography. I also like the cartoon network style poster, they have gone for a different style which i think really stands out while still holding the feel of what Labor day is all about. Thanks for sharing with us all, ill be keeping an eye on here for more inspirations. Anna

  2. Mike Winters Reply

    I had hoped they could do better than the tired ‘Soviet Propaganda/Workers Paradise’ theme. Is this somehow ‘honoring’ the tax paying citizens or is it promoting unions and socialistic policies? Surely we can do something new for a change.

  3. Lincoln Cushing Reply

    Nice start, but these are a small sampling of the huge range of U.S. labor posters done over the past 120 years. For a deeper look at these (including the Hudson-Mohawk labor day one above) check out our new book, _Agitate! Educate! Organize! American Labor Posters_ from Cornell University Press.

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