12 of The Best New Poster Designs – July 08

Each day thousands of designers across the world work on creating new and beautiful poster designs for bands, businesses, organizations, events and so on. Below is a collection of some of the best and most recent poster designs that were recently uploaded to a variety of graphic design portfolio sites. Feel free to link us to your most recent poster design in the comments or post a link to a recent design you fell in love with!

Best New Poster Designs – July 08

new-poster-designs-1.jpg new-poster-designs-2.jpg new-poster-designs-3.jpg

new-poster-designs-4.jpg new-poster-designs-5.jpg new-poster-designs-6.jpg

new-poster-designs-7.jpg new-poster-designs-8.jpg new-poster-designs-9.jpg

new-poster-designs-10.jpg new-poster-designs-11.jpg new-poster-designs-12.jpg

15 comments on “12 of The Best New Poster Designs – July 08”

  1. louie Reply

    nice work!! very effectice use of effects and composition!..(Inspired)..m/..

  2. Ovi Dogar Reply

    Wow…amazing work! I really like the colors…I think that the “Some New Things” is the best.

    Keep up the great work!
    Ovi Dogar

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