12 Twitterrific Twitter Background Designs

Twitter is quickly becoming a hot spot for people and business of all kinds, including designers. Many designers now have twitter accounts so they can network with other designers on twitter and promote their work to a new audience. What I found interesting is, because of twitter a whole new niche of design has been created and that is Twitter backgrounds.

Because of the text limitations of Twitter people have quickly adapted and started using their Twitter backgrounds as a creative billboard. If designed correctly your Twitter background can include all sorts of important information about your business such as an extended bio, logo, contact information and so on. Plus since you can change the background and other settings in your account you can keep your branding consistent.

Many designers are now offering twitter background design services and some designers are Specializing in it and doing great business. Check out some of these random cool twitter backgrounds below to see what people have been doing to make the most of their Twitter accounts! I was surprised at how many large accounts had default or ugly backgrounds, but I suspect more and more people will get custom backgrounds in the near future.

Creative Twitter backgrounds













35 comments on “12 Twitterrific Twitter Background Designs”

  1. Anthony Woods Reply

    Hey loving the article mate, thanks for including my background in the post appreciate it! That would explain all the recent followers I have been getting recently ha ha! ill be sure to twit the article on twitter! =D

  2. gaz joyce Reply

    I’m a new user of twitter and I didnt even know that you can customise your background!

    I know a little html so is there a place I can use it?

    Can anyone tell me how or where I change it in my settings?

  3. Pasey Whitaker Reply

    These are very cool, I didnt even know you could do this on Twitter. Is there any info on how one would go about installing these backgrounds?

  4. Gino Reply

    I like your FaceBook idea Jonathan I never thought of making the image really long! Don’t think I have ever seen that done before, very creative.

  5. Reay Reply

    Just starting to dabble with Twitter backgrounds myself.
    Does anyone know what the pixel dimenisions of a Twitter background should be?

  6. Rory Martin Reply

    Very cool backgrounds!

    Like a lot of people I’m just starting out on twitter and haven’t even thought about customising my background yet. But seeing these beauties I’m gonna get straight on it…

    I’d also like to know the dimensions, just a standard web size I’m guessing?

    Cheers for the inspiration!

  7. twitter backgrounds Reply

    Pretty cool designs! I think with twitter growing as fast as it is today it’s important to stand out from the rest of the people. Having a quality background is one of the steps towards getting that done. There are many sources available to get free backgrounds so if one can’t create a good one, just grab one. When people see an account that looks legit, chances are they will follow you and the cycle repeats itself with new visitors.

  8. twitter backgrounds Reply

    Very cool designs you got here! I like the fact that a lot of twitter designs are really unique and creative vs just plain old bland! It really shows character.

  9. Martin Reply

    I thank you for your article.

    I followed these links and found, that you don’t actually have to pay to get cool Twitter backgrounds. I found many web pages, which also offer cool and interesting design for Twitter and you can get them for free.
    I hope that this will help you and the readers of this blog. Thank you again and I encourage you to write even more articles like this. They inspire a lot!

    Here is the link to article an article, which I wrote: http://fr.ee/article/where-to-find-free-twitter-backgrounds

  10. Jensen Reply

    Woah this is great! GOsh, I can’t believe my eyes. Twitter has transform and made loads of creative and nice designs…

    twit : iagdint

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