15 Powerful Pieces of Graphic Artwork

I am always browsing graphic artwork galleries for exciting new artwork to inspire me, so I thought I would link to some of my favorite new graphic artwork from several design inspiration websites. The designs below vary in style and media greatly, some are photo manipulations, a few are more typography focused, several have 3d elements, but they are all great pieces of graphic art and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Any suggestions for future inspiration posts?

Graphic Artwork Inspiration
















15 comments on “15 Powerful Pieces of Graphic Artwork”

  1. Blown insulation Reply

    I own a computer, and all I’m really looking for is a more reliable and easier way to draw than using a mouse on a computer screen in PSP. I am planning in going into graphic design for a profession, and I’m looking for something to get started on, if I like what I am doing, I might get a Tablet PC later on, but right now, I need to know if a Wacom Graphire4 6″ x 8″ USB Tablet is alright for digital works of art and graphic design. Does anyone own one as well? If so, what’s it like? Any suggestions for better tablets in the same price range?

  2. the~wannbe~graffiti~artist Reply

    maybe something really abstract and involving symetry. great post though!

  3. paul Reply

    my god they are fantastic! i have no idea how i would go about designing such brilliance! any pointers to some tutorials would be very grateful!

  4. love2smile Reply

    hey i have to do a project at school on how to make a graphic image, and i really don’t know how.
    please, please help me. :)
    i think your art work is so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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