16 Bad Ass Band Posters

Below are examples 16 quality band posters from a variety of designers. Examining the work of other designers is an important aspect of becoming a better designer. Every time you examine another design your absorb a little bit of that design. Designers are walking visual sponges and everything we create samples from what we’ve experienced and seen in life.

16 Band Posters by Awesome Designers

band-posters1a.jpg band-posters2a.jpg

band-posters3a.jpg band-posters4a.jpg

band-posters5a.jpg band-posters6a.jpg

band-posters7a.jpg band-posters8a.jpg

band-posters9a.jpg band-posters10a.jpg

band-posters11a.jpg band-posters12a.jpg

band-posters13a.jpg band-posters14a.jpg

band-posters15a.jpg band-posters16a.jpg

10 comments on “16 Bad Ass Band Posters”

  1. Brie Reply

    If you like these, check out the posters that the guys at The Decoder Ring (www.thedecoderring.com) have done. They’re an endless source of inspiration. Ever since I met them at a design conference in Austin I’ve been watching their site. They’re amazing. :)

  2. Gino Reply

    Nice links guys those posters are great too. Keep an eye out for more inspiration posts soon!

  3. doubleagame Reply

    Great post. Now I’m off to try and download many more posters than my mac will allow.

  4. Anonymous Reply

    HA! like handmade EVER went out of style…that’s funny, kid!
    F–industry standards…

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