17 Photo Manipulations With People

If you have used Photoshop you probably have dabbled in photo manipulation, which really is what Photoshop is meant for. Over the past year there have been more and more photo manipulations coming out every day, especially like the ones below. The basic elements most of these designs have is a single figure in the center as the focal point and then design elements wrapped around the person as if they were one and the same. This is probably the most popular photo manipulation trend right now. What do you guys think of this photo manipulation style?

Photo Manipulations With People













Sexy woman

Sexy woman in studio

Sexy woman

the dancer


30 comments on “17 Photo Manipulations With People”

  1. Zerj Reply

    Hi there!! I’m really honoured you feeatured “flair” and #aftertaste” on your blog!! but I would have liked you to tell me!1 lol!! ’cause it went on abduzeedo.!1anyways thanx

  2. Jorge Portugal Reply

    There are some really good manipulations using this approach… but most of them seem pretty much alike with each other. They don’t bring anything new. I believe this trend won’t last for a very long time. At least not as much as the floral motifs or the grunge elements.

  3. virtual world games for kids Reply

    very nice mood involved. I believe with the ability of these artists, it doesn’t really matter who the model is. At the end of the day, what they portray is basically the mood and feel of the whole poster composition. Mood plays a huge part along with its color. Admire all of them . :)

  4. Matt - Design Northampton Reply

    Amazing, particularly like the pswc 09! Have have no idea how these guys have the time and patience to complete these. I’d probably get as far as the 1st clipping path and lose interest!

  5. Matt Powers Reply

    This is really the type of trend I like to see in design, because it’s pulling in tons of color, and it has a strong emphasis on 3d spacing. I really like this selection of manipulations.

  6. Peter Nudo Reply

    I really dig lighting effects and variation of color right now…and meaning ‘right now’ i mean for the past year. Its a trend I dont see myself kicking for a while

  7. Paul Reply

    I love this style, but am totally envious of them, haven’t learnt much about this style yet… I should really look for some decent tutorials to get me started.

    However I do agree with Jorge, in that they are quite similar a lot of the time, not especially unique now that everyone has begun this trend, it’s hard to make this kind of manipulation unique I think… in most cases anyway.

  8. Josh Reply

    These are pretty nice. I agree with Jorge though, once you’ve seen about 10 of these, you seen them all. It would be awesome to see the things that could be done if there was more push for variety in this approach.

  9. Khaled Reply

    I do like this kind of imagery and although they are similar in style they are each an expression of the artist who creates them. I don’t think the style will die any time soon it will just evolve much like Photoshop to give more freedom to the artist.

  10. Tony Minneapolis Web Guy Reply

    Incredible images… And I disagree with Jorge. This style will be around for a while. It seems common for designers, but it’s not overused in mainstream media… yet.

  11. Kristyn Kowalski Reply

    Are there tutorials or anything for any of these? I love them and would like to experiment with a tutorial for some of them.

  12. paul Reply

    very very cool, these are nice works of art! the artists are very talented, i say this because i dont know exactly how its done! the special effects and all that!

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