18 Fresh Font Designs

There are more type designers than ever and the amount of fonts to choose from nowadays is mind boggling! So I decided it would be a good idea to put together a small sampling of some of the coolest font designs I have seen recently from the great designers of the Behance community. Stay tuned for more font related inspiration posts and let us know which font below is your favorite!

Fresh Font Designs From Fantastic Font Designers



















34 comments on “18 Fresh Font Designs”

  1. phil thompson Reply

    Fantastic stuff! great to see type being utilised and considered in so many ways.
    I’m fronting the typefaceaweek project for 2009 – so anyone interested in using type in a diaristic / blogging / expressive way, send in your tpyeface ideas and you’ll get full credit + a ltd edition CD rom documenting the year’s exploration of type…plug plug. It’s all about being creative and creating a community who share and find inspiration in many places!

  2. Scavenger Reply

    Pretty, but… nearly all of them are more or less completely illegible! What use is an illegible font? If people can’t read it, why not make an illustration or painting?

  3. John Reply

    I like a lot of these, but some aren’t even legible. Isn’t that what text / fonts are for?

  4. Rachel Edwards Reply

    The choices for fonts out there are endless and it is always a challenge to find ones that are interesting and different. Thank you for showing us some fresh new designs! Can’t wait to find the perfect project to use them.

  5. Matt Reply

    I’m loving some of these fonts – a link to purchase / download would be great.

  6. Kieren @ Cover Graphics Reply

    There’s just so many fonts available for use in graphic design that it can become a profession in and of itself I’ve found- certainly going to have a few more posts up your sleeve here! I think my favorite font from above would be the pastel typeface. Some of the others are a little too experimental for me. :)

  7. Patelligence Reply

    Thanks so much for posting these. I can’t decide which font I like best, but #4 and #13 are pretty amazing!!!

    Great stuff!

    Keep up the good work!

  8. paul Reply

    yeh 16 is gota b good! like the way its readable but at the same time futureristic. mind you they all quite nice! good bit of searching there well done!

  9. adesigner Reply

    i agree with Jason Pang, Scavenger & John.
    These are all beautiful, but the purpose of type is that you are supposed to be able to read it. If you can’t, then it’s useless

  10. StudentDeSigner.......!......HOpeFully Reply

    Cool types.
    Really loved the 3rd and 6th one, also the “Pleix” design.

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