25 Refreshingly Blue Website Designs

If you have ever designed a website such as these blue website designs, than you probably have had to come up with a color scheme or were given a color scheme to work with. Choosing colors is often the first and one of the most important steps of any deign process. All colors have connotations and perceived meanings and this could this should be kept in mind when you design, but sometimes its as simple as needing to match a companies existing identity system colors.

Whatever you design situation may be, its nice to be able to quickly look over websites with similar color schemes to get an idea what has been done. Our large showcase of blue websites should help you get into the “Blue Zone” if you ever find yourself working with this color.

25 Blue Website Designs

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Blue always looks good! Blue is actually business color, as I got taught. Nice list indeed. Bookmarked.

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