25 Tasty 3D Graphic Design Treats

3D graphic design is becoming more popular and I have noticed a surge in 3D Type work on portfolio sites. Below are 30 examples of 3D graphic design from a variety of truly talented visual artists. many of these 3D graphic design projects were created using programs such as Xara 3D, Maya 3D, Photoshop, and Illustrator to name a few. Feel free to link your 3D type designs in the comments!

3D Graphic Design Using Type as a Central Theme





Josh Rhode



Nik Ainley






Hampus Olsson










Myaki Design


Erik Finsrud



Drew Flaherty



57 Even



Anton Shineft







120 comments on “25 Tasty 3D Graphic Design Treats”

  1. Gino Reply

    Yes I think its interesting to see typography showcased in this way, its very refreshing to me and i like the depth of a lot of these works.

  2. indy Reply

    Very cool indeed. I would really love to know how to do this. Hmm, do you need a 3D program to create this or can you just used Photoshop, and Illustrator? Anyone out their knows?

  3. greg Reply

    Really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im a graphic desiner and would really like to know how this is done.

    Anyone who knows please could u teach me!

    I could assit u in any projects u have if u could help me.


  4. Gino Reply

    They are done in a variety of programs including Maya, Photoshop, Illustrator and so on.

    I am hoping to post a tutorial in the future on how this is done.

  5. Jenkin Reply

    I’d love to see a tutorial on how to do this effect. I think there’s a serious information gap for most print designers on how to make the leap to using 3D tools. It’s something that has, to date, not been something taught as part of the toolkit for most print applications.

  6. indy Reply

    I also would love to see a tutorial. I unfortunately don’t have Maya but have been playing with blender. But I’m sure and hoping I’ll be able to adapt the tutorial to Maya.

  7. Albert Omoss Reply

    I highly recommend Cinema 4D for designers wanting to do 3D work. It is extremely user friendly and includes a module specifically for graphic design called ‘mograph’. Check it out.

  8. illadelph Reply

    these guys should get into graffiti
    its more fun and they aint limited by the functions of a program like photoshop or illustrator

  9. Rashmi Reply

    Really nice designs, I liked the “Summer Going Out” picture the most. It is done so well. Great work.

  10. xavier Reply

    anyone here can help me i wanna know what kind of font is the used in “dreaming-star” pict
    thaks sorry by my english its not good im from galapagos ecuador

  11. Lindy McCoy Reply

    I am wondering if you would be interested in designing the artwork to wrap a bus for us? I would like to discuss this with you VERY soon, i hope you still check this… you can reach me at that email or at 800.646.2574 X113

  12. keesha Reply

    omg wow!! i wanna do a career like this and like wow .. i hope i get to do stuff like this and become his good and everything!
    u use photoshop riite?

  13. jessa Reply

    hi!!!i am so amazed by these designs… i would like to know what program are you guys usings to make these stuff… my profesion is so far from this but i have been doing some photo editting and logo designing as a hobby…hehe

    oh puhleeez
    puhleeez puhleeez can someone tell me what can i probably use aside from adobe photoshop…???
    i’m so interested…

    and well what can i say…you guys are so great!!!!!wonderful talents you got there huh….

  14. Navendra Kumar Reply

    Lovely I wana kiss yr hands
    very-very-very-vvvvvvvvv goooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. reaksmey Reply

    I need to know some thing about 3D Graphic Design Using Type as a Central Theme

  16. Barry. Reply

    absoloutly brilliant they are all excellent, well done everybody.wish I could do that.

  17. scott Reply

    Very good idea… I never thought to mix some simple maya 3d objects with illustrator and photoshop. It really makes it come alive. I’m going to go make one myself now and put it in my portfolio :) thanks!

  18. rofhiwa Reply

    this is great, keep it up guys . am a grade 12 student and i want to study 3d design. is there any one who can start me up?

  19. arif zakwan Reply

    what a fantastic job you did..
    actually i want to know and learn how to design or edit an image or picture to become like 3D graphic.
    what’s the software is suitable to do the work?

  20. Anonymous Reply

    Great examples of typography being treated as design rather than something you ‘type’ into a keyboard. Very cool stuff!

  21. Aslam Reply

    Great examples of typography being treated as design rather than something you ‘type’ into a keyboard. Very cool stuff!

  22. Madan Reply

    Top design..!!! realy wonderful 3D disign in the world. Especialy josh Rhode and Zoltan are insteresting images.

  23. Anonymous Reply

    how do people do this type of stuff? Like, what type of program do you use?… I know its not microsoft paint lol

  24. Ricky Reply

    What Technology do you use to make these Designs i have PhotoShop CS3 Extended and i dont kno how lo make those…

  25. Mo Reply

    I love the Myakai Design i plan on being a graphic designer when i get older and these drawings really inspire me and lets me have ideas hanigning in my head but you guuys are really good!


  26. Luizao Reply

    wuuuuooooo… it`s the best thing that i`ve never seen… its a good job.. i wanna know how to do this.. i wanna learn about xara 3d… so, if anyones wants help pleaseeee write me.. i`m still start like a graphic designer

  27. Diosanne Reply

    wow!…all of that is 3d…how long does it take to do of each 3d presentation. I want to learn in doing some 3d graphic designs..I wish you have a tutorial for that…


  28. Diosanne Reply

    can I ask?….what graphic tool did u use to make that 3D designs?…did u have a tutorial for that?…hehehhehehee….

  29. Rashid Reply

    hi, great brainstorming stuff, what technology u sed to design like that 3d etc

  30. kamal Reply

    hey very good work i m very keen to learn this type of designing but how this question still as such in front of me.. is there anybody who can tell me what kind of softwares are used in this designing.. i shall be very very very thankful my mail id is sohini4reet@yahoo.co.in

  31. Biodun Reply

    what a wonderful design they are all good i m very happy to see this type of designing but how this was done is there any softwares that produce this designing.. i willl be very very very thankful if someone can explain it to me my mail id is omolanreconcept@yahoo.com

  32. Toriano Reply

    They are all just so remarkle.
    The color schemes in most were brilliant and left me intrigued.
    I’m a designer myself,but I just never thought to use letters as a form of art,alot of
    potential.Great job guys.

  33. sarah Reply

    this is verry amazing.. i am a good artist and everyone thinks that i should be a graphic designer. i enjoy doing art and admit i am a bit talented at it.
    how do i get started in graphoc design . and can you give me some websites for inspiration. or the websites or programs you used to do your art work?

    thanks .

  34. srees Reply

    Marvellous & outstanding designs

    can you plz let me know where i could display my own works????????

  35. deniday Reply

    hello, wow so really good design…excelent maybe you can give me and everyone about tutorial to make it.thanks so much

  36. sally Reply

    These artists are not at all “truly talented.” These designs are a cluttered mess that any art director would reject on sight.

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