25 Typography Flickr Groups for Designers

Flickr is a great place for inspiration, especially if you love typography. There are numerous groups dedicated to the topic of typography, but vary in what they focus on such as found type, signage, calligraphy, graffiti, type design and more. These hand-picked Flickr groups will keep you busy for hours and most of them are updated often with new content by members, so be sure to join your favorites and check back for new submissions.

25 Typography Flickr Groups

Simply click the link, sign up to Flickr and join the group to view all the submissions:

4 comments on “25 Typography Flickr Groups for Designers”

  1. neon bar signs Reply

    All right, that’s it, I’m officially joining flickr. I always resist new social sites just out of spite, but I’ve seen way too many cool photos there. This probably means that I’ll be spending hours more of my time online so instead of saying thank you, I’m cursing you! (j/k, thanks)

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