31 Incredible Comic Book Cover Art Samples

Comic books are close to many of us designers’ hearts, since these are likely our first encounters to the amazing world of art. These days, they continue to become even more sophisticated and expressive from when we first experienced them as kids.

So to keep your inspiration going, I’ve collected a series of breathtaking comic book cover designs, both past and present. I hope they remind us all of that rush of exhilaration when we bought our first, freshly printed comic book, and motivate us to inspire the same feelings in others through our own works of design. Enjoy!

Inspiring Comic Book Cover Designs

13 comments on “31 Incredible Comic Book Cover Art Samples”

  1. Anna Green, Web Design Reply

    And who says graphic design isn’t art! This really is a collection of art works, I especially like Captain America, Iron man and Fables mainly because they are nicely recreating the wartime Bauhaus poster style, this is a hard thing to get right and many people would never think that so much work study and effort would be worth it for a comic cover. They would be wrong of course! Just look at the results.

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