35 Awe-Inspiring Booklet Designs for Print Design Inspiration

Booklets are useful tools in conveying information and in advertising. Aside from being easy to carry, they are less likely to bore the reader since their content is shorter.

These printed materials can be used mainly as manuals, guides, and flyers to give readers a brief but concise idea about a certain topic.

If you are fancying a career in publishing, we have something cool for you! This next post is a showcase of great ideas for designing booklets. Check out the various unique ways of creating booklet designs through the work of talented designers. Get a load of this great list and be inspired!

Premsela Booklets

Booklet Designs - Premsela Booklets
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Caledonian Creates

Booklet Designs - Caledonian Creates
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Type Factory

Booklet Designs - Type Factory
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Booklet Designs - Coco Book
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Corporate Designe

Booklet Designs - Corporate Design
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Mietall Walus Magazine CD Cover

Booklet Designs - Mietall
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Frankmusik 3 Little Words EP

Booklet Designs - Frank Musik
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Recycle Yourself Booklet

Booklet Designs - Recycle Booklet
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Booklet and Badge

Booklet Designs - Booklet Badge
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Verbo na Escola Mailing

Booklet Designs - Verbo Na Escola
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Type Specimine Booklet

Booklet Designs - Type Specimine Booklet
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HIKE Design Ravensbourne

Booklet Designs - Ikeh Design
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Beautiful Trash

Booklet Designs - Beautiful Trash
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Print Package Design

Booklet Designs - Print Package Design
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Print Package Design 2

Booklet Designs - Print Package Design 2
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Cute Booklet

Booklet Designs - Cute Booklet
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Maaa Czarna

Booklet Designs - Maa Czarna
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Waterstones Murder Mystery Book Month

Booklet Designs - Water Stones
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University of Lincoln Science Dept Prospectus

Booklet Designs - Booklet
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Effektive CV Poster Mailer

Booklet Designs - CV Poster Mailer
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Portland has been Busy with Beautiful Design

Booklet Designs - Beautiful Design
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SHN Mood Booklet

Booklet Designs - Shn Mood Booklet
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Print Pinball

Booklet Designs - Print Pinball
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Sessions Snow Catalogue

Booklet Designs - Sessions Snow
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Retrospective 08 Aiga Senior BFA Catalog

Booklet Designs - Retrospective
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Orzamento 08

Booklet Designs - Orzamento
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Unique Booklet

Booklet Designs - Unique Booklet
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DAI 505 Final Project: Cover

Booklet Designs - Dai 505 Final
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Catalogue Booklet

Booklet Designs - Catalogue Booklet
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Design Methodologies Booklet Photo

Booklet Designs - Methodologies
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Some Thoughts on Design

Booklet Designs - Some Thoughts on Design
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Sexy, Bold And Experimental Typography

Booklet Designs - Sexy Bold Typography
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Amazing Booklet

Booklet Designs - Amazing Booklet
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Undergraduate Portfolio

Booklet Designs - Undergraduate Portfolio
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Lago Estate

Booklet Designs - Lago Estate
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25 comments on “35 Awe-Inspiring Booklet Designs for Print Design Inspiration”

  1. David Sweeney Reply

    Great collection here, thanks for sharing.
    Particularily like the calendar by Jonathan Davies (sexy, bold and experimental typography) and the Ravensbourne booklet.

  2. Amelia Johnson Reply

    They are some lovely designs here. I was a little unsure on the absolute one, but if you click on the link it shows how the design works, it stands up like a bottle which I think is a brilliant concept. Sexy, Bold And Experimental Typography is definitely my favourite. It’s not actually a booklet though. Its a calender, but a really clever calender. It uses colour to its highest effect. A really unique piece.

  3. Web Design Company Reply


    As booklets are difficult to read so their design must be attractive so that people like to read it and all mentioned designs in this post are really nice, by the way great collection dude. :-)

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