38 Randomly Awesome Movie Posters

Movie poster designs have always intrigued me. Although the studios often spend millions in dollars for advertising a movie, for some odd reason we have a hard time seeing good poster designs. We figured it would be necessary to highlight the movie posters that actually turned out great. We’ve collected 38 awesome poster designs from random films and movies, regardless of year, genre, popularity or language.

Move Poster Design Inspiration

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25 comments on “38 Randomly Awesome Movie Posters”

  1. Old Comic Book Ads Revealed Reply

    These are mainly good posters, but to claim that this is a list of 38 posters that are good regardless of year and if I see correctly, only one was released more than 10 years ago, seems misleading. I would have loved to see some of the many awesome posters put together BEFORE the Photoshop era.

  2. Sam (YouTheDesigner) Reply

    We are working on a vintage poster design post. To be clear, we are not saying these are the definitive best poster designs. There is no way we are the authority on that. We are simply saying these are a few we really like. Keep your eyes peeled for vintage poster designs in the future.

  3. Web Print Brand Reply

    Very cool. Christmas on Mars, Lord of War, Big Fish, and Identity are some of my favorites. Not only are the posters well designed but a lot of the movies are good as well.

    Interesting post and nice blog.

  4. Oliver Web Reply

    Some really awesome movie posters here. I really like the Dark Knight, Lord Of War and V For Vendetta posters. Thanks for sharing these with us.

  5. Michelle Reply

    these are all amazing butI really like the “This is It” poster :) I haven’t actually been to the cinema to see this film but the poster is cool, bless him.

    I have just finished a redesign of my own blog, please visit and let me know what you think. Your blog is the best, so I really would like your feedback if you have time :) thanks

  6. Livia Reply


    I hate to be a bore but you put a rubbish SAW one up, they have such clever and amazing other ones than the 6th one which is pretty lame. Anywhoo the saw poster designs have props, I love ’em!

  7. timkerrickDOTcom Reply

    all of this is cool – except the “THIS IS IT” poster. there is nothing awesome about that one. any kid with a stolen copy of Adobe Photoshop could have put that piece of crap together.

  8. Autonomy Reply

    This is a fun contrast to your vintage poster collection. It’s interesting to scroll through the two and see how visual aesthetics have changed with the evolution of technology and culture. Thanks!

  9. SJL Web Design Reply

    Thanks for the great collection of movie posters. I would like to see more showcases of movie posters in the future and maybe have an insight from the designers who created them.

  10. Don Reply

    Thanks for the great list, well worth a look. I really liked the design of the one for “Visual Acoustics”, I haven’t seen the film but the poster is very cleverly designed!

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