40 Beautiful Macro Photos that Will Inspire You

Inspiration can come from the smallest things. Today’s post demonstrates this very well. Examples of macro or close-up photography like these can jolt us out of the usual way we see things, and excite us into looking at our environment from a different perspective. Check out this roundup and explore with us the almost alien, but definitely beautiful world of the small!

Autumn Colours

autumn colours
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Macro Worx

macro worx
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Macro Worx 2

macro worx 2
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Macro Worx 3

macro worx 3
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Macro Worx 4

macro worx 4
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Macro Worx 5

macro worx 5
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Macro Worx 6

macro worx 6
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Macro Bee

macro bee
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Violet Bell

violet bell
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Do you Remember

do you remember
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It’s My Life

its my life
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Macro Fly

macro fly
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Macro Photography

macro photography
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Macro Photography 2

macro photography 2
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Macro Photography 3

macro photography 3
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Macro Photography 4

macro photography 4
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Insectuality 2

insectuality 2
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Insectuality 3

insectuality 3
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Insectuality 4

insectuality 4
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Insectuality 5

insectuality 5
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Insectuality 6

insectuality 6
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Insectuality 7

insectuality 7
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Insectuality 8

insectuality 8
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Insectuality 9

insectuality 9
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Insectuality 10

insectuality 10
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Macro Series Pt.XVI

macro series pt xvi
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Quick Macro

quick macro
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Macro Moss 2

macro moss 2
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Macro 2

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Silk Universe

silk universe
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Strangers in a Strange Land

strange land
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Lost in Sweet Candy Land

sweet candy land
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Water Faucet Macro

water faucet macro
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11 comments on “40 Beautiful Macro Photos that Will Inspire You”

  1. Gaurav Reply

    They all look larger than life. Common place things never looked so stunning. Great images & posts. Keep the good work flowing.

    I have recently started my own blog on Macro Photography too. Do visit & let me know your comments.


  2. Jarmaine Reply

    Some of the insect shots were a surprise to look at. But really, these are all exceptional! Always been a fan of macro photography, and these are wonderful. Thanks for the roundup!

  3. Raelin Reply

    Have never been fond of insects, but these macro shots are amazing (I wonder how close was the photographer)? The images of autumn, violet and ladybird are my favorites.

  4. Amelia Johnson Reply

    Some amazing pictures. I especially love ‘Insectuality 10’ I like the fact it has a little bit of humor. The huge fly (Macro Worx) is amazing too, it looks like its come straight out of a horror film but then the spider (Insectuality 2) looks quite friendly. Great pictures took in a great style. Its really fascinating to be able to see what the eye cant.

  5. jennifer duncan Reply

    well macro photography is always my favorite this not only inspire me but also motivate me to much. seen first time this much amazing photos.

  6. Renee G Reply

    absolutely wonderful..we so often forget how beautiful nature is, i won’t see flies the same anymore..lol. thanks a lot.

  7. Adam Sturm Reply

    I’m not sure they inspire me so much as they FREAK ME OUT. Wow, some of those bugs are scary looking when viewed up close.

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