40+ Cheerful Bird Logos to Inspire Your Creativity

Birds are considered as one of the most gentle and amazing creatures in the world. It’s no wonder why many people would love to have one for a pet. Aside from their beautiful and captivating appearance, birds also serve as great design resources for graphic designers.

This next post is a compilation of 40+ Cheerful Bird Logos to Inspire Your Creativity. These logos illustrate a few effective utilization of a bird image in logo-making. Check out this “tweet” collection and see the great possibilities of creating art inspired by those well-loved creatures!

Tiki Owl

Bird Logos - Tiki Owl
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Lion Bird

Bird Logos - Lion Bird
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Fire Bird

Bird Logos - Fire Bird
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Bird Logos - Birdize
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Birds Choice

Bird Logos - Birds Choice
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Subio Creative

Bird Logos - Subio Creative
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Bird Logos - Kaquk
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Bird Logos - Landcashire
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Flirtbox v5

Bird Logos - Flirtbox v5
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Flutter Bird

Bird Logos - Flutter Bird
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Tucano Design

Bird Logos - Tucano Design
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One Bright Bird

Bird Logos - One Bright Bird
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Wildlife Management

Bird Logos - Wildlife Management
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Convax Solutions

Bird Logos - Convax Solutions
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Canary Apps

Bird Logos - Canary Apps
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Zoo Smart

Bird Logos - Zoo Smart
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Aorangi Primary School

Bird Logos - Aorangi Primary School
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Bird Logos - Horizon
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Bird Logos - J-plane
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Bird Logos - Tiwi
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Bliss Capital

Bird Logos - Bliss Capital
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Holland Bird ADV

Bird Logos - Holland Bird ADV
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St. Francis Hospital

Bird Logos - St Francis Hospital
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Bird Logos - Victory
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Toucink V4

Bird Logos - Toucink V4
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Bird Logos - Taenzer
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Perceptiv Owl

Bird Logos - Perceptiv Owl
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Speedy Crete

Bird Logos - Speedy Crete
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Bird Logos - Origami
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Under Wing

Bird Logos - Under Wing
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Bird Logos - AlcedoMedia
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Peter Hylenski Sound Design

Bird Logos - Peter Hylenski Sound Design
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Bird Logos - CasaSky
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Bird Logos - 2Can
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Bird Logos - RoosetOri
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Fire Bird Trading

Bird Logos - Fire Bird Trading
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Moustache Lovers

Bird Logos - Moustache Lovers
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Bird Logos - Aircare
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Bird Logos - Twitcube
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Art Film

Bird Logos - Art Film
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Orchard Owl

Bird Logos - Orchard Owl
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23 comments on “40+ Cheerful Bird Logos to Inspire Your Creativity”

  1. Kelly Reply

    Some beautiful designs here. The simple designs are best that include elements of what the company does such as the green origami and the sound design logos. The flat shaped logos are also really nice as they are so simple which keeps them subtle. Other clever ideas are logos such as wildlife where the symbol is also part of the logotype and lancashire landscapes who use leaves to create the bird image.

  2. Raelin Reply

    My favs: Lionbird, Flirtbox, Orchard Owl, Art Film, Aircare, Canary Apps and under Wing. Extremely innovative!

  3. Amelia Johnson Reply

    Some really clever bird designs. I love the origami ones, canary apps have managed to design a really friendly looking bird, but my favourite is moustache lovers, Its really cute and so clever at the same time.

  4. Jeff Reply

    Nice collection here. Some are better than others, but I actually really like the Peter Hylenski sound design best from a conceptual perspective. Thanks for posting.

  5. Logo Templates Reply

    Nice vibrant, colorful & refreshingly new bird logos! I was pleased to see only a couple Twitter-like bird designs. They are seriously over used.
    Thanks for sharing this amazing collection. Much appreciated :)

  6. Manik Reply

    Nice collection of bird logos. Like the Lion bird one. These logos are really creative and inspirational as well.
    Thanks for the post. Love it!!!

  7. Alec Mugala Reply

    Most of the Logos have a good color balance. The simpler ones are even more striking. But the designers have definitely put in commendable thinking. Overall, inspiring. Alec – Zambia

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