44 Clever Outdoor Advertising Samples

Outdoor Advertising has certainly evolved through the years. With so many concepts and tag lines already overused, companies have to constantly think outside the box in order to come up with ads that could capture the imagination of their target market.

Billboards, the most common form of outdoor ads, now offer a lot more than just the company logo and tagline. Almost every billboard today is strategically located. Location not only helps in terms of exposure, but could really be a major component of the ad.  In addition to this, billboards also make use of presentations or even materials that may seem unconventional, but can be very effective in promoting a particular product or cause.

Outdoor advertising is not limited to billboards. Bus-bench and transit advertising are only two of the many media of outdoor advertising currently being used. Some of these innovative outdoor ads are just so bizarre that it would be better for you to see them for yourself. We’ve collected 44 outdoor advertising samples that will surely amuse and enlighten you. Check them out and tell us what you think by leaving a comment.


McDonald’s: Billboards 200m-197m


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Colorado State Patrol: Don’t Lose Your Head


“You can turn any car into a convertible
Tailgating a truck can turn any car into a convertible”
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Quebec city magic festival: Magic hat and pigeons


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CNN: Stories with the full background, 3


“Stories with the full background. CNN”
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Berger: Sky


“Natural finish colours”
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Panasonic nose trimmer: Baldy


“Billboards built around actual electric wires and poles to amusingly yet convincingly dramatize the need for the panasonic nose hair trimmer’s safety cutting system.”
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Foundation Abbé Pierre: 12


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Toyota Prius: Pre-collision


“The all-new Prius pre-collision system can detect a potential impact before you do.”
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Mercedes-Benz: Gullwing


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BMW: Checkmate


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Denver Water: Evolution


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Varuhuset Femman (Femman Department Store): Keep a Friend Warm


“Help us warm freezing Gothenburgers. Leave your winter clothes at the Femman main entrance, from Oct 25th to Nov 11th.”
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Pathfinders Teen Homeless Shelter: Homeless Teen, 1


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www.delhishomeless.org: Indoor Advertising


“For some this is indoor advertising.
Support homeless people.”
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Virgin Atlantic: What brings you to London?


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Leica binoculars: Rhinoceros


“Get close. With the Ultravid from Leica.”
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Specsavers: Scooter


“Should’ve gone to Specsavers”
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Cedars-Sinai Spine Center: We know how you feel


“We know how you feel”
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SunSmart Cancer Council Western Australia: Cut Out


“Cutting your sun exposure is easier than cutting out a skin cancer.
Free 30+ sunscreen”
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Coca-Cola / WWF: Plant Billboard


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Dry the River – No Rest: 3D paper-crafted horses


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Samsonite: Heaven and Hell


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Interbest: Male Stripper


“The sooner you advertise here, the better.”
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Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada: GetYourButtSeen.ca bus


“Drive to web OOH campaign to build awareness of a subject many consider taboo: colorectal cancer.”
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MAD Magazine: Light bulb


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Caribou Coffee: Ovens out of transit shelters


“Colle+McVoy helped Caribou Coffee launch its new hot breakfast sandwiches in a very warm way that benefits Minnesotans during wintertime. The agency created ovens out of transit shelters, including real heat, to showcase the hot and delectable new menu items.”
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Leica: Sharpest Details, Wood


“Sharpest details.
Leica S2 with 37,5 million pixels.”
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Swedish Tennis Veterans: Tennis ball


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Zoo Zurich: More space for the big ones, Vertical


“More space for the big ones
Support the new Elephant Park with your donation: PC80-804-4”
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Rädda Barnen (Save the Children): The Lottery of Life, Sierra Leone vs Sweden


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BMW M3 Coupe: The Light Wall Reflection


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Absolut: Lemon Drop bus stop


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Big Bazaar: Stationery Sale, Push Pin Art


“Annual Stationery Sale”
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Center for Autism: Two faces


“Derek Paravicini. A man with autism.
Derek Paravicini. The piano virtuoso.
Autism has two faces.”
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McDonald’s: MacFries Pedestrian Crossing


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Frito-Lay Lay’s Kettle Cooked Chips: Billboard carving


“In order to demonstrate that Lay’s Kettle Cooked Chips are made with traditional, artisan cooking methods, the brand hired a team of skilled artisans to hand-carve a billboard made of wood. The billboard was located in San Francisco, CA and took approximately ten days to complete.”
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Colorado State Patrol: Billboard Collision


“Tailgating Isn’t Worth It. Give Trucks Room. It’s The Law”
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Hallmark Channel, Rex in the City: Dog billboards


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Hot Wheels: Big Boy


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XBox, Alan Wake: Coffin light


“Dark is Deadly”
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Toronto Academy of Karate: Board


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Hygiene Color Bleach: Disappearing stains


“Hygiene Color Bleach removes stains fast. From a distance, it appears there is a stain on the clothes, but as one comes closer, the stain disappears. You can test it on your screen too.”
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Meiji: Stronger


“Milk makes you stronger.”
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TV3: Law & Order outdoor lamp


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