7 Ingenious Websites Inspired by Color

Have you ever thought why some websites are more attractive and memorable, some are irritating and others are completely not memorable. There are dozens of reasons for this the main one being color. Color is a powerful tool that has huge impact on the way we conceive things. There are psychological reasons behind this. Below are 7 exceptional web designs inspired by color with some brief description of the messages their main colors give us.



Pink color implies romance, affection, delicacy, sweetness, love and friendship. But the main thing about pink – it is always associated with femininity.

Sugah Design



Green is the color of monetary success, safety, hope, compassion, stability, freshness and physical healing. Green is popular in most cultures of the world; it relaxes the nervous system, calms and soothes the mind.

Lipton Green Tea



Red is the color of energy, fast action, speed, risk, strength and passion. Besides, red implies a feel of danger, aggression and revolution but in the same time can give a feel of warmth and romance. Red stimulates quick action, for example when used for buttons it encourages people to click them, but bright red can be annoying if used over large areas.

Northern Classics



Orange color implies energy, balance and enthusiasm. It is the color of quick movement, happiness and creativity, joy and strength. Orange background makes images seem closer and larger. But in some cultures orange means cheap, so be careful.

Move Your Body



Yellow usually is associated with sunshine, joy and happiness. It is the color of logical imagination, curiosity, memory, intellect and energy, glory and confidence. Yellow stimulates mental activity and attracts attention. But be careful – when overused, yellow can be disturbing and provoke anxiety. Besides, some shades of yellow can look dirty.

Adevertising agency



Blue is the color of artistry and creativity, freedom and wisdom. Affection, inspiration, friendship, patience, trust, loyalty, intelligence, cooperation, sincerity, all these good feelings are implied by the blue color. By the way, blue is the least disliked color in most cultures.

Saskia Laroo



Purple is the color of dreams, enlightenment, spirituality and intuition. Fame, luxury and big profits are associated with purple. Besides it is the color of elegance, extravagance and independence. Very ambiguous color, people either love it or hate it.

Love Being Woman

Of course in different cultures the meanings of colors and messages they send can differ, but I described the most common ones. What color do you prefer to use when designing a website?

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19 comments on “7 Ingenious Websites Inspired by Color”

  1. nick Reply

    nice find. I tend to do more monotone work than anything, but its nice to expand the genre.. This is indeed inspiring.

  2. Ahmet Raá Reply

    I usually try to use one main color and cobined with either gray or white as background. My favorites colors for designing are blue or red (with white) …and orange (with gray). I don’t usually use yellow and everytime I try it… I don’t like the results at all… it’s really difficult for me to use it…

  3. Rick Reply

    Amazing sites! Can’t say I saw anything special about that blue site though!

    Nice post!


  4. Donald R. Anderson Reply

    I have to disagree about the “love it or hate it” about purple. I like it a little bit but not overly enthusiastic about it, I get kind of a neutral reaction.

  5. Danny Hinde Reply

    I really like the lipton ice tea website — green is such a refreshing vibrant colour but it isn’t used that much in web design.

    Strong colour use in webdesign really helps me remember and visualise individual sites.

    For example, when I think of green I think of 81design (http://www.eightyonedesign.co.uk/). Green is quite a unique colour within webdesign as the majority of sites I see on a daily basis are usually white, or quite dark.

    Nice article.

  6. Rory Martin Reply

    Some really nice colour schemes here.
    Web design is a tricky media to get right, displaying information in a fresh, eye catching way can be a real balance. I do often find thou, many designers don’t think about how text can be easily read on screen, whether the font size may be too small or the font colour on the background clashes to much. Common mistakes should be avoided.

  7. Web Design Reply

    I found the purple design really eye catching. Knowing the significance of colors was a learning experience. I will surely try to keep that thing in my mind while designing …THANKS

  8. Alex H Reply

    The green liptom tea website is green, what a surprise! It’s funny how they decided to associate the “Mint” word and product to be blue, normally you would see mint being green. I guess they had too much green on this website.

  9. Somepoints Reply

    Red is such a potent colour online (as your examples above illustrate well) it’s crazy that some people are reluctant to accept it’s sensible use.

    Great article and site examples!

  10. Lorne Pike Reply

    It’s always refreshing to see what the same elements can do in another designer’s hands. Great pieces here. Thanks for finding some new visions!

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