Graphic Design Portfolio – Nik Ainley

Nik Ainley is an incredible illustrator and digital artist. Nik Ainley taught himself Photoshop while working towards a degree in physics at Imperial College London and since then he has become a full time designer. His artwork has been featured in many major magazines and Nik Ainley was listed as one of the “Top 10 up-and-Coming Creative Talents of 2006” by Computer Arts magazine, and also the “Computer Arts Artist of the Moment”.



His portfolio consists of an incredible amount of beautiful digital art work that is truly inspiring and worth checking out.

Designer Spotlight – Nik Ainley –

3 comments on “Graphic Design Portfolio – Nik Ainley”

  1. Amanda Vlahakis Reply

    Do designers like this exist just to depress the rest of us with their superiority!? lol…

    Some of those images are scary, he’s like the Quentin Tarrantino of graphic design or something :)

  2. Gino Reply

    He is pretty wicked =) Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how these designers are so good!

  3. Annie Reply

    Yup I’m definitely a fan. I’m a web designer so I have a little bit of a clue, but Nik’s photoshop skills are pretty aweseome!

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