Graphic Design Portfolio – Chuck Anderson

The graphic design portfolio of Chuck Anderson if filled with an incredible amount of amazing colorful artwork that is bound to inspire any designer. Chuck Anderon is a talented creative who works as a a freelance artist, designer, and photographer on a variety of commercial and personal projects.

Not only is his work amazing, but I think his website showcases some other important topics I would like to talk about. First of all his portfolio website is a classic example of a well executed design portfolio website. The site design is minimal, fast loading and showcases his work. I admire the fact that his work is so strong the thumbnails themselves become a a visual work of art for the web surfer.


I wrote an article on one page graphic design portfolios a little while back, and while this isn’t a “one page graphic design portfolio” it is still is an excellent example of a high quality website.

Make the Most of Your Talent!

Chuck also takes his design career to the next level, by introducing a store where people can buy prints along with a blog and a mailing list. These are all great ways to really make the most of your talent. Opening a store will obviously provide you with extra income, as will the blog via Google Adsense ads and the mailing list will helps keep fans of his creativity well informed.

My hat goes off to Chuck Anderson for his amazing talent and for being able tap into the powers of the internet to help fuel his career!



11 comments on “Graphic Design Portfolio – Chuck Anderson”

  1. Kaleho Naki Reply

    WOW! the amount of color in his work is awesome. When I first opened the site, I was amazed at how well he works with color. Good job to him!

  2. nikhil j Reply

    awesum work mr chuck..! am shocked and just wondering… how??

  3. Shenli Reply

    Chuck Anderson’s work is AMAZING . I love his sense of colors and how creative he is . I just started using Photoshop and he is an inspiration ! = )

  4. Victor Reply

    I am attempting to contruct a portfolio for college. Seeing this portfolio has been a gift. Thank you.

  5. Chuck Pearson Reply

    I don’t get how people can get so caught up into graphic design being a serious art form. Now, if this artist were to do this all by hand, I’d be impressed. But it was done by his knowledge of using a computer to convey his thoughts. And while it may take some skill to do this, it does not warrant such accolades! Take away the computer and tell me what type of skills this person has.

  6. Edgardo Iturrino Reply

    wow, wow,,, WOOWW…Chuck.. I bow to you… Jesus Christ man… Im good, but you are EXCELLENT!!…

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