Inspiring Greeting Card Designs for the Jewish New Year

The Jewish New Year, or Rosh Hashanah, is one of the two High Holy Days, the most important religious holidays on the Jewish Calendar. If you have family and friends you won’t see that day, let them know you didn’t forget them. Design and print your own original holiday greeting cards.

With the holiday rapidly approaching, here are some particularly inspiring designs for Rosh Hashanah cards.

Also, please don’t say “rawsha shawna.” It’s “raw-ha-sh’nah.”

Unique Custom Rosh Hashanah Greeting Cards





roshhashanah_heeb_550x412 helps you design and print greeting cards that will make the whole minyan gasp in delight. And your design can be proofed for free, before you pay or give a credit card number. Visit UPrinting now — it’s a mitzvah!

6 comments on “Inspiring Greeting Card Designs for the Jewish New Year”

  1. Anna Green, Web Design Reply

    Un-usual subject for a post. But that’s where some of the best inspiration sometimes comes from. I like the third set best. Although i am sure that there are better ones to be found. I will have a look and let you all know what i find. Anna

  2. David S Reply

    I agree with Anna, it’s always good to look outside of the usual “inspiration” sources. Set 3 is really cool. Nice post! and Happy New Year to our Jewish readers :)

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