Top 30 Car Website Designs of the Major Brands

Car companies do big business and when you are dealing with such expensive products your website better be in tip top shape, especially with such fierce competition and today’s economy. The user experience is extremely important and there are many similarities a lot of the car website designs seem to have in common.

Most of them have a vehicle gallery where you can browse all the cars on one page, individual car pages with photo galleries, 360 views and a customize your own car feature. These are just a few of the many features these car websites must have and I thought it would be a great idea to take a look at all of them at once and see which car company does what best.

Which car website design do you think is the best in general? Which is the most user-friendly? Do you prefer heavy flash websites or car website designs with less flash? On a side note, this list is not in any order. I will let you guys decide which car website designs are best in the comments below.

My top 3 picks are Honda, Toyota and Volvo in terms of design and user-friendliness.

Top 30 Car Website Designs
































12 comments on “Top 30 Car Website Designs of the Major Brands”

  1. Joe Reply

    Generally, there should be a rules about text on photos, especially for cars. It just ruins the perspective of the shot. For example, good clean photos: Porsche, Chevrolet & Lamborghini make stong and attractive branding and display, as opposed to cluttered text information on photos for Mitsubishi, Toyota & Volkswagen.

  2. stationery design Reply

    I myself like the simpility of the Porsche site, I find the information very easy to get to and not very difficult to understand at all. While on the other hand I find the Lamborghini site has too many menus options click one and than another than another before you finally see a car. Design wise I like flash websites when done correctly and tastefully, but from and SEO point I prefer to keep it to a minimum mind you that doesn’t mean not at all as I believe it has its place!

  3. D Reply

    The ones that are flash-driven are a pain and are completely ruined when one clicks the back button the browser. My top 2 are VW and Nissan.

  4. the iJunkie Reply

    Nice round-up. Toyota definitely has an edge, considering functionality and navigation, etc. Also, though it pains me to say it, I like the look of Hummer’s site an awful lot. All those rectangles (mirroring the boxiness of the car itself, probably?) are really classy. I still won’t buy one, though.

    There’s a few that aren’t on the list, however (probably because they aren’t major brands). In particular MINI Cooper’s homepage comes to mind, with all its sexy movement. There’s actually one part of the website where a sketch of a MINI “morphs” into a photograph. They also have a neat mini-site at that ranks cars based on “green” scores and “fun” scores (sorry D, I think it’s mostly flash!).

    Follow-up question — has anyone noticed trend differences between US car sites and their European counterparts? Nearly all car co’s have different international webpages.

  5. Gino Reply

    Thanks for the comments all

    I agree the Toyota site rocks

    Yeah the hummer site is ok, but I dont think they are making any sales no matter how great their websites looks =)

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