18 Custom Cool Fonts

Tired of those same old fonts and looking for some new custom and cool fonts? Then you have come to the right place! We have put together a great collection of cool fonts from freelance designers and typographers who were kind enough to take the time to create these fonts. Be sure to check the usage rights of these fonts before you start throwing them in your projects. If you have created any cool fonts yourself, be sure to lets us know about your font in the comments below. Enjoy the cool fonts!

Custom Cool Fonts

1. HisMannerMild | Download

2. Merrily | Download

3. Dirt 2 Death | Download

4. Bus Led Display Small | Download

5. Fresh Bold | Download

6. Evan and Estrya | Download

7. London 2012 | Download

8. Estrya’s Handwriting | Download

9. Nathaniel | Download

10. Opus Pix | Download

11. Fat Marker | Download

12. Ver Army | Download

13. Vuur | Download

14. Black Blocckks | Download

15. Sunday Morning Garage Sale | Download

16. Homeboots | Download

17. Ultravioleta | Download

18. Bobsmade | Download

19. Evan and Estrya | Download

20. At the Window | Download


24 comments on “18 Custom Cool Fonts”

  1. Logo Design UK Reply

    I really like the bobsmade font. I am a logo designer but I also do some quirky style illustrations from time to time and this typeface will do nicely :) Thanks for sharing Gino.

  2. Logo Designer Reply

    I really like the Evan and Estrya type. Some of the letters are a little difficult to read but it certainly makes an interesting decorative typeface. Thanks for the post.

  3. Phong Reply

    The Dirt 2 Death is great. Helps me a lot by saving my time with the text on my design for music posters.

  4. Paurian Reply

    Apparently the creator of the Fat Marker font got enough traffic to start charging for his font. It’s still cool, but it’s not free.

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