40 Absolutely Free Vector Pack Collections

As designers, we are all familiar with various resources that we use in our usual designs, images and creations.

Resources such as brushes and textures are just a few examples of these resources that help improve the quality and artistry of every image. More and more websites are into providing high quality resources for the design community. These items are often offered as freebies that can be used for both commercial and personal purposes…

By now, most of you may have numerous downloaded resources available in your computers. Nevertheless, allow us to give you an addition to your collection. Here are 40 Absolutely Free Vector Pack Collections that you can add to your growing pile of resources… These vectors are best used in Illustrator designs and can be re sized without sacrificing quality. Take your pick and have fun!!!

Amir Fura Vector Pack Set 1

Amir Fura Vector Pack
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These Vector brush sets are perfect for simple design accents like band logos or even placement on a website border.  Grungy vector sets like this are popular these days, so make sure you grab them whenever you can.


Colorful Vector

Colorful Vector
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These Colorful vector brushes are great for designing backgrounds and posters.  Filled with small shapes and accents to plaster across your design, this vector brush set is one you won’t want to miss.

Vector Stock Pack Number One

Vector Stock Pack
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Assorted vector brush sets like this are good if you do a wide variety of designs.  Need something cutesy?  The rag doll bear shapes will be a nice addition.  You can create true digital scenes out of the bamboo shoots, or smaller comic themed icons out of other shapes.


Free Skull Vector
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Skull vectors are often resized for a variety of reasons.  Web designers have been known to place them as watermarks on websites.  Bands incorporate skull vectors into their posters and logos.  Skulls have a variety of different uses as long as you stick within the grunge style.

WG Funny Swirls Vol1

WG Funny Swirls
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These swirls and circles are a popular accent to most vector images.  A quick perousal of iStockPhoto will reveal a variety of posters and designs made with swirls just like these.  It may take a moment to get the right colors, but these will look great against a background with a gradient.


Autumn vector
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This autumn brush has some amazing potential for colorful effects.  Using flowing lines and poignant circles, this set of vector shapes can be resized for all sorts of different purposes.

People Silhouette Vector

People Silhoutte Vector
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Have you ever needed a person, but didn’t want to go through the trouble of using the pen tool?  This is a must have for designers that require silhouettes in different stock positions.

Pimpin Vector Pack

Pimpin Vector Pack
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These trendy effects are great for invitations or arrange them together as a border to photographs.  This cartoony style resembles something out of Paul Frank.

Vector Flourishes

Vector Flourishes
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Floral vectors like these can create stunning designs, or go for a classic grunge feel depending upon the attitude of the piece as a whole.

Vector Grunge Elements

Vector Grunge Elements
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Vector grunge clouds are nice background pieces.  Overlay them for a cluttered scratchy effect and don’t forget to have each layer at different opacity levels.

Scroll Clouds

Scroll Clouds Vector
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Any design can now have that web 2.0 Twitter feel with these brightly colored vector shapes.


gas mask vector
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These gas mask vectors tailor to a specific aesthetic.  try pairing them up with the skulls to create a chilling or industrial design.

Green Floral Background

green floral vector
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Using bright bursts and long flowing twists will give you the edge in banner creation.  The curves will make a nice broder accent, while the banner stands out front and center.

Go Media Vector Packs

Free Vector Packs
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Filled with a variety of shapes, vector packs like these are nice to have around when you want to play with a design and find just the right shape for the job.

Ornate Vector Heart

Ornate Vector
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Similar to a Victorian style floral design, or stamp, this vector would look great at the top of a letterhead or perhaps on the back of a postcard.  Try playing around with different text effects to see what you come up with.

Free Vector Download

free vector download
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This vector set gives off a street vibe feel.  Bright colors, sleek designs and silhouettes make up a set that would be ideal for poster design.

30 Vector Flying Birds

vector flying birds
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Birds are so simple to draw by hand, but having vector stamps of different kinds frees you up to concentrate on other tasks.  Use your pen tool to add a jet stream effect behind the birds as they fly across the design.

Vintage Samples

vintage sample vecto
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This vector set is perfect for anything rock and roll related.


cityscape vector
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A nice city scape is a thing of beauty.  Place the skyline in the background and combine with other brushes to set a unique scene.

Vector Doodles

vector doodles
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A series of hand drawn style vector shapes.  Hand drawn affects are rare, but always pleasing to the eyes.  The scratchy pen texture will keep people staring at your design longer.

Military Vector Pack 1

military vector
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This military vector set is a great idea for mom’s sending letters home to their troops or designing photo albums for kids out playing with sticks.

Ornamental Flourishes

ornamental flourish vector
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Another ornamental floral set with intricate patterns.

Vector iMac

vector imac
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Capture the Macintosh knack for design with these vector shapes.  With a little tweaking, you can create custom icons or use them for brochure design.

Drawn Floral 2

drawn floral vector
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A hand drawn floral effect that would be perfect as a border.

Mixed Vector Pack

mixed vector pack
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A mixed vector pack created fro a variety of photos.  All sorts of designs ranging from grunge to vintage can benefit from these simple shapes.

5 Floral Ornaments

floral ornaments vector pack
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Try lowering the opacity and changing the colors around for these floral designs.  You can use them as background accent shapes with the right adjustments.

Cute Animals

cute animals vector
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These cute animal vectors are perfect for icon creation.

Stringed Instrument Vectors

instrumental vector
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Guitars for rock and roll designs.  The vectors look photo realistic, so these could be great for designing a scene.

Halftone vectors

halftone vector
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these ink spot vectors encompass the style of newsprint.  That dotted look is a nice overlay on the right picture.  Try scaling the size up and applying these over a layer for a unique effect.

Vector Foliages

vector foliage
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Simple floral to line corners and borders.

Floral GrungeII

grunge vector graphics
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These Vector brush sets are perfect for simple design accents like band logos or even placement on a website border.  Grungy vector sets like this are popular these days, so make sure you grab them whenever you can.

Music and Instruments EPS File

music and instrument
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Mor e rock themed vector sets to compliment your musical designs.


tribal vector
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Tribal Vector shapes are good for spacers or perhaps as an accent to a corner.


speedometer vector
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These speedometer vector shapes are for any card themed cards, posters or websites you may need to design.

Colorful Labels

colorful labels vecto
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Colorful labels like these make for excellent icons.  You can even increase or decrease the size of one letter to make your letters look like they have formatting from older books.

6 Flowered Labels

flowered labels vector
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These flower label vectors are good for creating backgrounds on name tags.  If you are designing for a company that requires hanging name tags, these would be excellent choices.

A Slick Collection Of Free IPod Vector Icons

ipod vector
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The prominent gradient in these vector brushes is something that could clash with your background.  Be careful to put thought into where these icons will fit in your design.

Super Vector Bundle – Free Vectors

super vector bundle
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A series of assorted vector graphics taken from all sorts of photo references.

Beetle Vector Pack

bettle vector pack
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Put bugs all over your design with these illustrated bug vector graphics.   That scientific hand drawn look will fit nicely with your design.

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    Great collection of free vectors. I know I could use a lot of these for my designs. I really like the grunge vectors and the tribal ones but all of them are great. Thanks for sharing these, I will have to download them and start using them.

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