40 Free Widescreen Nature-Themed Wallpapers

Despite the large number of websites that offer a wide variety of wallpapers, most of them do not offer ones for widescreen monitors. Fortunately, we have 40 Free Widescreen Nature-Themed Wallpapers to fit your screen right, and to provide you with soothing yet inspiring visuals to look at when your eyes are tired from all that designing.

This list is composed of unique wallpaper taken by talented photographers around the globe. Start browsing and download as much as you like!

Gazed Upon by Angels in Their Flight

gazed upon by angels in their flight
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Spring Nature

spring nature
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Orange Days

orange days
Download Source

Upper Lake

upper lake
Download Source

Sunny Waterfalls

sunny waterfalls
Download Source

Deep Silence

deep silence
Download Source

HD Wallpaper Baptized

hd wallpaper baptized
Download Source

Otuataua Stonefields

otuataua stonefields
Download Source

Blue Forest

blue forest
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Fahnestock Foliage

Download Source

Mossy Forest Wallpapers

mossy forest wallpapers
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Download Source

Rabacal 25 Waterfalls

rabacal 25 waterfalls
Download Source

Old Stone

old stone
Download Source

Branch Wallpapers

branch wallpapers
Download Source

Tarantula Tree

tarantula tree
Download Source

Hunua Falls

hunua falls
Download Source

Grass Refresh

grass refresh
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3 Culvert Sunset

3 culvert sunset
Download Source

Stand Alone

stand alone
Download Source

Forest Sun

forest sun
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Waterfall Wallpaper

waterfall wallpaper
Download Source

Autumn Falls

Download Source

Yosemite Falls

yosemite falls
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Lonely Autumn Walk Wallpaper

wonely autumn walk Wallpaper
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Sebastopol Lagoon

sebastopol lagoon
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Autumn Wallpaper

autumn wallpaper
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Tree of Life

tree of life
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Antelope Island State Park

antelope island state park
Download Source

Camp Meeker Waterfall

camp meeker waterfall
Download Source

Persistence Wallpaper

persistence wallpaper
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Ruined Wallpaper Set

ruined wallpaper set
Download Source

Morning Ecstasy

morning ecstasy
Download Source

Streaming Wallpaper

kstreaming wallpaper
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Download Source

The Fall

the fall
Download Source

California Coast

california coast
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10 comments on “40 Free Widescreen Nature-Themed Wallpapers”

  1. anna green Reply

    These are really great! I find it really difficult to find nice, widescreen wallpapers. Im tied between using the Tarantula Tree and the bamboo wallpaper. I thinks I will have the both for future use. Thank you for sharing

  2. Jae Reply

    Absolutely breathtaking photography. So much for creating my own wallpapers! I love “Stand Alone,” and the rich blues in “California Coast.” Gorgeous.

  3. Michaela G Reply

    These are great! Definitely inspire me to get out there and do something!

    • Jennifer Reply

      I noticed that just now too! Funnily enough they really come from different sources.

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