40 Real Time Saver Photoshop Actions

Photoshop Actions let you apply multiple automated processes on as many images you need, all in one go. This makes them godsends for batch processing, as you can save a lot of time and effort by using them instead of editing each image manually.

Since we’re always out to give helpful tips and techniques to all designers, we’ve come up with 40 Real Time Save Photoshop Actions that you can download for free. I hope you find these actions extremely useful the next time you work in Photoshop, and help you create new cool effects without breaking a sweat!

Photoshop Action

photoshop action
Download Source

PhotoShop Action 02

photoShop action 02
Download Source

PhotoShop Action 06

photoShop action 06
Download Source

Wedding Enhancers Kit

wedding enhancers kit
Download Source

Cross-Processing ATN

cross processing atn
Download Source

Old Photo Action

old photo action
Download Source

Actions Clyck 003

actions clyck
Download Source

Photo Improvement v1

photo improvement
Download Source

Photoshop Action: Coffee

photoshop action coffee
Download Source

Kalifbanane – Cross Coloring

kalifbanane cross coloring
Download Source

Photoshop Action Ver.1

photoshop action ver 1
Download Source

Cool Photo Effect Action

cool photo effect action
Download Source

Photoshop Action: Diabolic

photoshop action diabolic
Download Source

Photoshop Photography Action Set

Download Source

Photoshop Actions – 39

photoshop actions 39
Download Source

Cross-processing Action 1

cross processing action1
Download Source

Photoshop Action-Nature Colors

photoshop action nature colors
Download Source

SA-Cool Actions 1.05

cool actions 1
Download Source

PhotoShop Action 08

photoShop action 08
Download Source

Photo Coloring 11.2

photo coloring 11
Download Source

Actions Color Blance

actions colorBlance
Download Source

Photoshop Action 26

photoshop action 26
Download Source

Black White Sepia PS Action

black white sepia ps action
Download Source

Dazzle Effects

dazzle effects
Download Source

Photo Coloring 11

photo coloring 1
Download Source

Sharp Action-Photoshop Action

sharp action photoshop action
Download Source

PhotoShop Action 03

photoShop action 03
Download Source

Skin Smoothing

skin smoothing
Download Source

Color Enhancing Actions

color enhancing actions
Download Source

Actions: “Retro-Vintage”

actions quot retro vintage quot
Download Source

Photoshop Action – Bright Eyes

photoshop action bright eyes
Download Source

Spring Fever-Photoshop Action

spring fever photoshop action
Download Source

Soft Touch Action

soft touch action
Download Source


Download Source

PhotoShop Action 04

photoShop action 04
Download Source

Vivid Blur

vivid blur
Download Source

Photoshop Action: Dim and Jade

photoshop action dim and jade
Download Source

Soften Skin Effect

soften skin actions
Download Source

Action 003

action 003
Download Source

7 comments on “40 Real Time Saver Photoshop Actions”

  1. Andy Griffiths Reply

    These actions can save you plenty of time for doing all kinds of tasks. Most of the time it is a wise idea to create your own actions to fit your specific job. However if one of these fits the spec then even better. thanks for the resource.

  2. Joshua Titus Reply

    these are a great collection of actions. In my experience though, photograph actions are kind of a hit or miss function. Sometimes you’ll get the result your looking for, sometimes you won’t. Still, worth the time to use them to speed up your workflow. Thanx!

  3. Jack Reply

    Great collection! thanks for the share – should make some projects a whole lot easier and quicker to complete so thanks!

    Oh yeah, if you’re ever thinking of doing a post about actions for product mock-ups you should check out this ebook cover software eCoverSuiteElite. Pretty nice idea for product presentations!

    Thanks again man, it’s back to work for me :)

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