66 Vectors for Green Website Design

Green web design is on the rise and every designer needs the right resources to meet the demand. In June, we released a green website inspiration post entitled 15 Grandiose Green Website Designs and today we want to continue on that theme by showing you 66 awesome eco-friendly vectors from GraphicRiver.net, the latest website from the Envato Network (Tuts Plus, FreelanceSwitch and more). GraphicRiver.net is an online marketplace where designers can buy and sell layered Photoshop files, vectors, icons and more! Prices start at just $1 dollar.

UPDATED on 08/31/2009: Comment on these vectors & Sign-up for an account at GraphicRiver.net for a chance to win $20 in credit! 5 Winners to be chosen by September 2, 2009.

UPDATED on 09/2/2009: Winners have been selected! The 5 winning comments are RAE-D8 Design Firm, Mare Downs, islandartist, Bethany Fief  & Chethan!

66 Vectors for Eco-Friendly Green Website Design





Environmental icons


To buy these vectors, visit graphicriver.net or simply click on the image! For print designs, try Eco-Friendly Printing for business cards, brochures, posters, postcards and more with UPrinting.com.

33 comments on “66 Vectors for Green Website Design”

  1. David Reply

    The Envato Marketplace rocks! You guys have done a fantastic job in enabling designers, worldwide, to be highly inspired. Thank you!

  2. RAE-D8 Design Firm Reply

    These are all really great! I especially like the one with the traditional recycle symbol with the brown and tree branch introduced into the symbol at the top.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Mare Downs Reply

    It’s not easy being green— Kermit the Frog!!!
    Love the green vectors!

  4. Ivan Reply

    These are really net, great place page to get ideas for own promotions of initiatives at school.

  5. Ken Reply

    It’s almost ironic to see these symbols of natural, environmental icons made up of man-made glassy / glossy texture. It’s still really sleek and I think it strikes and image that Nature is still trendy? Haha.

  6. Oliver Web Reply

    Great sets of vectors and I will definately want to get some of these to use on my websites. I always like to find new vectors for my designs. Thanks for sharing these.

  7. web designers Reply

    Thsnk you for sharing we are starting to rebuild a website for Green Removals a company that uses less carbon in its vans – will be an inspiration.

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