Bringing Bad Design to Justice – Design Police is a fun site I came across recently that lets you download an entire “Visual Enforcement Kit” so you can help police the world of design. I emailed this website to several design teachers I know and I am sure they will have fun in class with these.


I wish they would come out with some sticker packs you could buy, instead of having to print them out and cut them up on your own, but I guess one hour of work could produce you a nice stockpile of these cut outs.

Design Police kindly asks that you use these stickers with care and in a legal manner, the last thing we need is some vigilante designer officers running around taking matters into their own hands! I know a lot of people will be having fun with these and I hope they expand the site and introduce some products and or stickers to help us further enforce design law.

Bringing Bad Design to Justice – Design Police

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  1. Jake Reply

    That’s great! I love it! Definitely going to print some of these out.

    I think the “idea stolen from” one is pretty funny. What a fun way to point out so many bad design issues.

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