Designer Truths Infauxgraphic

Being a designer is kind of like riding the Gravitron at an amusement park. You’re strapped to a chair going a zillion miles an hour, and every time you try to look around at what everyone else is doing it’s just one big blur of awesomeness.

So we slowed it all down a bit to show you what it really, possibly, almost plausibly means to be a designer, in one infographic.

NOTE: All of these “truths” are based on our own observations and opinions, but we think we can all agree nothing has ever been truer than a designer’s desire for a unicorn deathmatch.

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  1. Adam Palethorpe Reply

    This really made me chuckle. Reading the Goldfish memory bit and got to the “Bacon” comment just as my colleague handed me a bacon sandwich. Amazing timing.

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