Finding your Better Half

As a graphic designer I spend most of my time bettering my self at, well graphic design! The one thing I would love to get better at is coding websites, but I just don’t have the time right now, so I pay a professional to do my coding for me which saves me a lot of time and trouble. Speaking of which our new theme should be recoded very soon, just a few more days!

If coding is not your forte, I would highly recommend finding your better half. This means you should team up with a freelance coder or a company who specializes in web design so you can get clients sites up quickly! Teaming up with a company who codes can be a great way to expand your business if you have been doing nothing but graphic design.

Finding a freelance coder who is reliable, online often, affordable and professional is not an easy task. There are a lot of coders out their who can talk the talk, but can’t walk the walk as they say. This is why I usually prefer having a company code sites for me if I can’t find a freelancer. Reviewed

There are a bunch of different companies out there, but below is an example of a do it all company that can provide everything your client needs for their website including dreamweaver web templates.

Template Features

– Five Page Templates (Homepage and Five Internal Pages are Included)

– Affordable at Only $29

– Template Membership Package Giving Access to 1000’s of templates

– Great for Graphic and Web Designers

– Live Chat Support 24 Hours a day

Other Services Available

– Complete Customization of Templates Including Design Customization and Content Insertion

– Custom Web Design Services

– Adding Functionalities for E-Commerce Based Websites (Adding Forms, Adding Databases, Shopping Carts and more!)

– Web Hosting

You can find more info at Now go get your better half and start expanding your business!

3 comments on “Finding your Better Half”

  1. QUARN Reply

    ayyyyy Gino, nice site and everything is on point…..
    but why the change in typeface of “YOU THE DESIGNER” at the landing page????

  2. Gino Reply

    Hey whats up Quarn hows it going? Just wanted to make a more interesting logo, I thought my old one was too boring.

  3. Custom T-Shirts Reply

    ^As long as you don’t get rid of that caricature on the right. Thats gold right there. Its what I keep coming back for.

    I just happen to be a freelance coder myself, specializing in PHP/MySQL and all types of interactive feature stuff. I’m also a pretty good designer so I bring the full package.

    It’s interesting to know we’re an endangered species, maybe its time to start bumping up my rates.. Haha!

    If anyone out there could use some help or advice, feel free to mail me electronically via adrien @ adrienb. com

    Love the site, Gino. Great post!!

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