Infographic: UX 101 – What is User Experience?

Investing in the company website’s user experience has been proven to be a great advantage in user engagement, branding and customer acquisition.

More companies today like IBM and Amazon  have improved profitability and cut support costs by creating a more user-friendly and useful website UX.

The following infographic by our friends from Homestead explains to us what “user experience” is, some facts and stats and the essential things you need to know to create a better web UX design for your business.

UX 101: What is User Experience?

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3 comments on “Infographic: UX 101 – What is User Experience?”

  1. Michele Roohani Reply

    Of the essentials of UX, Visual Design should never be number 1! (even in a diagram). Visual design is one of the last steps of a good UX design.

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