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I spotted this useful post by Danny over at Outlaw Design Blog that lists a group of websites that have free graphic design and web design related contracts and forms that you can use and or modify to suit your freelance and business needs.

If you are going to look at any of the links listed in his post you should definitely look at this extensive guide straight from AIGA:

AIGA Standard Form of Agreement for Design Services

6 comments on “Link Love – Design Contracts and Forms”

  1. Mel Reply

    Great support for Designers!

    I always feel stress and overwork with the contract terms…

  2. Will Reply

    Wow, thanks for the post. My business partner and I just started a web design company and we found out early on that the right paper and the correct forms are essential to the design practice. We really appreciate the information you’ve posted and look forward to incorporating it into our business model. Thanks a bunch!

  3. Michael Reply

    Great resource. Thanks.

    Now, when will you be posting information with regard to “Discovery Documents”?

    This is one area that is new to me, and perhaps to others, as would pertain to systematic process for gather data about a new web-design project. This of course would be used for scoping, or for quoting, and most likely both.

    Any luck in that type of share for us neophytes?

    Again, thanks for your share!

  4. artclash Reply

    This list is a great resource–writing contracts is always such a chore. I also recommend “Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines” book, which has a lot of great info on the business end of being a professional artist/designer.

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